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  Mother Comes to Stay
Posted by: sexmoza - 02-07-2017, 06:43 AM - Forum: XXX Stories - Replies (1)

Darren turned his key in the door, conscious that for the first time in nearly a year he would not be coming home from work to an empty house. Ever since the old plastic had got a bit out of hand Debbie had worked the late shift to get both ends somewhere near meeting. Now, they were nearly on top of their bills and she was working more to buy much needed new things than to pay for past purchases. But she was still working and it would not be his wife waiting for him, but his mother.

Replaced by a newer model and driven into near depression by her husband's (Darren's father) desertion, his mother had come to stay while she learned to cope with life as a divorcee. Just yesterday he had lugged her suitcases up to the spare bedroom while she and Debbie shared coffee and gossip in the kitchen. He could see, if he wasn't careful, that he would be ganged up on by the two women and for that reason was quite pleased that he would only have to cope with them one at a time, so to speak - oh, except at weekends.

"Hi Ma! You in?" He called out to a silent house.

"Yes dear, I'm upstairs... resting."

Darren noticed the slight pause before the word 'resting', but mentally shrugged as he hung his hi-viz vest in the hall and then wandered through into the kitchen to investigate food.

A casserole was bubbling gently and a cold dessert was chilling in the fridge along with a couple of beers, and he was beginning to see the advantages of having his mother around. It made a change from having to zap a microwave dinner or rely on his own, very limited, culinary repertoire. He smiled happily. A quick shower to get rid of the days grime and he'd be ready to eat.

Kicking off his work boots Darren bounded up the stairs, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. Then, automatically and without even thinking about the occupant, he glanced into the spare room as he went past, instantly regretting it and instantly flaming with embarrassment. His mother, his fifty-two year old respectable mother, was lying naked on the bed and she was masturbating.

His confusion was complete and, though it wouldn't be true to say he ran to the bathroom, it wouldn't be far wrong either. His mind was in turmoil, his was never a family comfortable with nudity and he could never remember having seen his mother naked before, much less indulging in such a personal activity. He'd just never thought of her as a sexual being and the discovery made him feel very uncomfortable.

He turned on the shower and went over it in his mind. He'd have to say something, it would be unfair not to, but what? Should he tell her what he'd seen? Could her tell her what he'd seen even? No, but he could just say about her door not being shut properly. Yes, that would do it, she might realise he'd seen her, but it left it unsaid. He wished he'd never looked in and vowed always to keep his eyes averted as he passed his mother's room. The whole thing disturbed him greatly.

Something else that disturbed him greatly was the fact that his mother had a fit body for her age. Yes, she was lying down and things don't sag so much lying down, but she looked to have pretty firm breasts and a nice flat stomach. But it wasn't so much her body that bothered him, but simply the fact that he'd noticed. Worse still, he stood in the shower with a semi erection, his penis responding to the sight of a naked woman and ignoring who she was.

He towelled himself dry, shrugged himself into his robe and went into his bedroom to put on fresh jeans and a sweatshirt before setting off to go downstairs. About a yard into the corridor he stopped dead, wondering for a moment how to pass that door again, then noticing that it was now shut and he could pass with impunity. Well, at least I won't have to say anything he told himself with relief, because she's obviously realised for herself.

Dinner was a strange meal. Both he and his mother talked incessantly, he to stop himself looking at the woman who now sat opposite him and thinking of her masturbating on her bed, and she, he presumed, because she always chattered away.

All evening he saw the image of her nakedness in his head, and all evening he fought to stop himself responding to it. When Debbie finally came home and they went to bed he made love to her with fierce passion, but in his head it wasn't Debbie he was fucking, but his mother. Sleep, when it finally came, was interrupted by wakeful periods of intense shame and embarrassment.

The next night, as he drove home, he prayed that he would find his mother sitting in the lounge knitting, or crocheting, or at least doing something that mothers are supposed to do. In the event, she was watching television, dinner was cooked and waiting, and he was able to enjoy a normal meal with a normal mother and, to his great relief, put the previous night behind him as a one-off aberration. He was even able smile to himself in slight admiration of his sexy mother, the mother who played with herself.

After a couple of days life settled down, he and Debbie - to whom he had said nothing - became used to having a third person about the house, while for her part his mother quietly fitted herself around their lifestyle. There had never been a finite time put on his mother's stay and it didn't look as though one would ever be needed. Then one night, as he and Debbie lay in each others arms, enjoying a post coital cuddle, they became aware of little gasps and whimpers coming from the spare room. Gasps and whimpers that rapidly built into the stifled but unmistakable sounds of an intense female orgasm. They looked at each other, smiles breaking out on their faces as they realised they were listening to a motherly climax.

"Oh well, I guess that's our fault." Debbie smiled at her husband. "We must have woken her up when we were doing it and set her off."

"I don't think she needs much 'setting off' from what I've seen." Darren briefly told Debbie what he had witnessed that first night.

"The randy sod, her!" Debbie giggled. "I bet it gave you a shock."

"You bet right, it's not something you expect to see, is it?"

"I would think you enjoyed it on the quiet though, didn't you?"

"I think I was far too embarrassed to enjoy it. After all, it's my mother we're talking about, not some randy teenager."

"Well, Jenny is on her own now, so she must get frustrated, especially if she has to listen to us at it." Debbie nodded her head in the general direction of a now silent spare room. She had always called her mother-in-law by name, not feeling comfortable with 'Mother', 'Mum' or 'Ma'.

"I just wish she wouldn't." Darren looked at Debbie. "Yes, I know she must have needs, Debs, but it's embarrassing lying here with you, listening to my mother wanking."

"Would it bother you if I wasn't here?"

"Not as much, I suppose." He conceded "But it's still not nice."

"Go on, I bet you'd listen to her and wank yourself silly."

Darren coloured up, as much from the image that was by the thought generated as from the realisation that it was probably true.

"See! I knew it." Debbie was grinning hugely at his blushes.

"I don't think so." He retorted crossly before rolling on his side in retreat from a conversation he was obviously losing.

Sleep was again elusive and his thoughts embarrassing, but eventually morning arrived and he staggered sleepily to the shower, only to be met by his bright and cheerful mother returning to her room dressed only in a rather flimsy nightdress.

"Hello darling." His mother presented her cheek to be kissed.

"Morning Mother." He brusquely touched his lips to her face, noticing as he did so how prominent her nipples were against the thin material. Why couldn't she wear flannelette like mothers are supposed to?

Again that day he couldn't stop thinking about his mother. He couldn't stop wondering why she was suddenly so bloody sexy; he couldn't remember her being that upfront when his father was there. And why was he suddenly noticing, it wasn't healthy for a man to be looking at his mothers nipples through her nightdress, or to be listening to her orgasm from her own hand for that matter. The whole thing was beginning to bother him greatly and he was beginning to regret having her stay. Her presence seemed likely to inhibit his own usually active and experimental sex life, as well as giving him moments of pure embarrassment, but Debbie didn't understand and certainly didn't seem as bothered as he was. But then she wasn't the one with a sexy mother frigging herself in the next room.

That night he arrived home he saw the light on in his mother's bedroom. Here we go again, he said to himself, before parking the car and letting himself into the house as quietly as possible. It was, he told himself, so that he could find out if anything was happening and discreetly withdraw to return later if there was. 'Yeah', said the devil on his shoulder, 'and the Pope's an atheist.'

Darren stood silently in the hall, hardly breathing and straining his ears for the slightest sound. But he could hear nothing, not the faintest murmur and definitely not the moans of a woman in heat. After a minute or so he quietly slipped off his boots and tiptoed to the bottom of the stairs, still listening intently. Again, nothing to be heard, except maybe, just maybe, the soft sound of regular breathing. Darren relaxed, this time his mother really was resting.

He hung up his jacket and began, very quietly, to mount the stairs, convinced that his mother was asleep and if she only stayed that way he could shower in peace. That illusion was shattered, if it ever really existed, by about the fourth step when a deep sigh and a slight gasp revealed that she was far from asleep, and was in fact active once more. Even so, because he had no reason to believe she was aware of his presence he continued to climb, reasoning, somewhat illogically, that by the time she heard the shower she would be finished and it wouldn't matter. She wouldn't have left the bedroom door ajar again, would she?

The straight answer to that was, yes she would, and why wouldn't she, Darren thought belatedly, if she's on her own in the house? In fact the door was slightly wider open than last time and for all his vows and assertions to the contrary, he couldn't prevent his eyes pivoting as he came level.

This time he was ready for what he might see, and this time he didn't make a bolt for the bathroom. In fact he stood just outside the bedroom door and mutely watched his mother at play. She lay on her back, one hand holding a breast and the other between her legs. Her head was back and her eyes were closed in obvious ecstasy as she kneaded her breast and strummed rapidly at her clit. Darren stood transfixed, ashamed of himself for spying, yet unable to take his eyes from the extremely sexy vision in front of him.

She was clearly not far from her climax, her bottom was lifting slightly from the bed, her head was rolling a little from side to side and her free hand was grasping urgently at the bedding. Then, even as Darren watched she began making the tiny whimpers that he had heard before and her pelvis started jerking against her hand, the jerks getting more vigorous and her cries louder as her orgasm got nearer. Darren knew he should go and leave her in peace. Even if it were some unrelated female it was wrong to peep, but this was his mother, his own mother, that he was watching. But his conscience fought a losing battle with his libido and he stared open mouthed and with his heart pounding, as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

When it came her orgasm was extremely powerful. Darren could see her face redden and the chords of her neck begin to stand out. Then her pelvis lifted from the bed and she remained arched, her hips and pelvis still making jerky movements against her flying fingers and her lips emitting strangled little squeaks and groans. Then she came and her bottom bounced on the bed, her head flew back and she cried out loud, an unrepressed cry of pure pleasure that must have echoed all around the house, before she slumped back on the bed, panting and shivering.

The spell broken Darren quickly withdrew, noiselessly making his way down the stairs and returning to the hall, discovering as he went that he was sporting a massive and very inconvenient hard-on. Once downstairs he adjusted the offending erection and quietly let himself out of the house before turning and unlocking the door once more.

"Hi Ma. You in?"

"Hi Darren. Yes I'm upstairs; I'll be down in a minute."

"No rush, I'll just take a shower."

The deception complete and his conscience cleared Darren went through the normal 'I'm home' tasks and then headed for the shower, seeing the spare room door firmly closed again as he passed.

His shower was one filled with confusions and mixed emotions. His erection, now released from captivity, immediately sprang fully to attention and he soaped it with a mix of pleasure and shame in equal parts. He was simply unable to dispel the vision of a mature but extremely attractive woman masturbating so wantonly and his erection would need attention.

He towelled himself dry as quickly as he could and headed for his own bedroom, making absolutely certain that the door was properly closed before dropping the bathrobe from his shoulders and lying naked on the bed.

Even though his view of his mother through the door had been from the side he now visualised her as if he was standing before her open legs and looking directly at her wet and swollen pussy. He groaned silently at this erotic image and his hand went around his shaft. He couldn't understand why the sight of his mother, who was a middle aged woman after all, had made him so damn horny. Maybe it was simply that normally she was out of reach, taboo, untouchable. He groaned again at the idea of her not being quite so untouchable, his face burning from the shame of such thoughts

Darren closed his eyes and began to gently wank, cupping his balls in one hand while running is fingers lightly along his shaft with the other, all the time keeping the image of his mother in the throes of orgasm before his eyes. He could visualise her pussy so clearly, he could see her clitoris in his minds eye, erect and rigid, her labia swollen and open, and most of all her vagina, slick and gaping, waiting to be entered. His mind was a tumult of emotions, he was reacting to a sexually stimulating sight but feeling the humiliation of desire for forbidden fruit, the combination reinforcing his need to masturbate. Before long he was gripping his cock hard and wanking fast and furious, holding onto his sac and rolling his balls at the same time. He could feel his balls filling with cum ready to ejaculate and his cock becoming even harder as his climax came closer. He prayed she wouldn't hear him cum.

The click of the door opening was soft, as if intended not to be heard, but to Darren, listening intently for any sign of his activity being detected, it was loud and unmistakeable. His hand stopped in mid stroke and his eyes shot open. There in front of him, her hand still on the half opened door, stood his mother, just as naked as he was. He froze, unable to think what to do, his face flaring again in humiliation, his hands still wrapped around his genitals.

"Don't stop." She kept looking at him as she came a little further into the room and closed the door behind her. "I didn't."

It took a few seconds for his already confused and beleaguered mind to take in the implications of that last remark, but when it did he felt complete mortification, knowing that he had failed to cover his illicit peeping. Oh God, she had seen him watching her.

"It made me cum even better than usual." She was advancing slowly across the bedroom as she spoke.

My God, she had wanted him to see her, the door was open deliberately. The realisation hit him like a brick. So then, it didn't matter, it was alright if she let him watch her. But that didn't alter the fact of who she was, did it? Confused contradictory thoughts chased themselves through his brain, and all the time he lay rigid on the bed, his hands still covering a now softening penis.

"Now I want to watch you cum." She sat on the edge of the bed alongside him.

He lay gazing mutely at his mother sitting beside him. She really was a very attractive mature woman. Her breasts were full and, although no longer as pert as perhaps they used to be, they were not at all saggy, her very prominent nipples set in dark brown aureoles pointed aggressively forwards rather than dejectedly downward. He had seen her stomach as she had walked towards him, full and ripe without being fat, and now that she sat it showed no sign of her age, no sags, no wrinkles, no rolls of fat. Even her legs were firm and strong. She was certainly a looker, and in different circumstances... No! He stopped his train of thought in its tracks as soon as he realised where it was heading, and that his cock was responding, jerking slowly back to life.

"Let me help you."

He heard his mother's voice and watched her reach out towards him, but he didn't, couldn't, react. Even when he felt her lift his own hand away from his cock and lay it on his stomach he just submissively accepted her actions. It was as if his passivity excused her intervention. Her hand closed around his shaft and she began to wank him.

"God, your cock feels good! Isn't that nice?" He nodded his reply, still unable to react otherwise.

He was getting close to cumming before she had entered the room, and the excitement of such a forbidden touch soon had him close again. The hand on his cock was expert, fondling his head, stroking his glans as well as pistoning up and down his shaft, and it felt so good. He could feel his cock getting even harder and his balls begin to tighten, and he knew it would not be long.

"That's it dear, let it happen."

His impending climax was obvious to both of them; he was now making involuntary thrusts with his hips, pushing his cock back into his mother's hand, and his hands were clenched into white knuckled balls. He kept his eyes tight shut too, but this was to allow his mind to deny that the naked woman playing so proficiently with his cock was his own mother. He knew it, and he liked it, but his mind rebelled against it.

Suddenly he came, groaning deeply, his cock shooting gouts of cum into the air to fall back and splatter his belly and chest. His eyes came open of their own accord as he came and he gazed guiltily straight into the eyes of his smiling mother. Now there was no denying what was happening, he had fantasized of having sex with his mother and she had turned the fantasy into a kind of reality with her hand. Still pumping his spunk into the air he smiled back at her, an unspoken thank you.

The last two or three spurts of cum weren't as strong and just welled from the end of his cock, overflowing down the head and over the enveloping fingers. Darren watched it run with mounting embarrassment, as if covering her fingers with cum was an even greater sin than allowing her to wank him. But she was unperturbed and as soon as his balls were empty and the flow had stopped she took her hand from his cock and delicately licked her fingers, her eyes closing momentarily as she absorbed the taste.

"That was fabulous, and you taste good too." She looked down at him and smiled. "Now, so that you know, if my bedroom door is open, you are welcome to enter."

She bent forward and planted a quick kiss on his lips and then, without a word or a backward glance, she rose and went out of the bedroom.

Darren lay on his bed without stirring, letting his mind try and cope with what had happened, and to try and get the image out of his brain of her beautiful backside swaying through the door. His mother had initiated the action and made it clear that she would like a repeat, but how far did she want things to go, and how far was he prepared to let them? He had no answer to either question. Besides that, not only did he find her attractive as a woman, but the fact that any intimate contact between them was prohibited only made it more enticing.

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  Mother Seduced
Posted by: sexmoza - 02-07-2017, 06:43 AM - Forum: XXX Stories - Replies (1)

After completing my SSC exams, I went to my Aunty- mother's elder sister Padmavathi Devi's house. Padma aunty's husband was her maternal uncle. Padma got married when she was 16 and her uncle 29. They have two daughters Radha and Visala 21 and 19. Both got married. Padma' husband was govt. officer, got transferred to state head quarters and didn't shift the family. He used to visit aunty once a month or so. Padma was alone in the house and It was proposed by her that I stay with her, join the college for my inter course. My parents agreed. That's why I went to stay with her. More over since she doesn't have male child, I was treated like her son.

Even at that age I was sexually attracted towards her and spent all day looking at her. Padma Aunty was 39, 5'6" tall, has beautiful sexy figure, a heavyset lady, large expressive eyes, pleasant pectorals, round face, thick juicy lips, dimple cheeks, blemish less clear smooth skin, long thick jet black silky smooth lustrous shining hair reaching her knees. She was a Hastini type woman. She oozes sexuality and feminineness. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. She looks like KR Vijaya, the South Indian actress.

The next morning I was awake, but was lying down lazily when Padma came into the room and said "shiva, wake up". I didn't. She pulled the bed sheet covering me, and saw my hard erect long thick virile beautiful magnificent cock. I opened my eyes slightly. Padma was staring at my upright turgid cock, ran her fingers along the shaft, stroking and murmured "beautiful". I could see the amazement and surprise in her eyes on the extra long thick cock.

She turned back, while going out of the room turned her head and looked. Our eyes met. She smiled. "Get up, Shiva. Come for breakfast" and added, "You should know how to wear lungi properly"

I got up brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to kitchen. Padma aunty was mixing the dough to prepare dosa with a spoon which slipped and her hands were covered with dough. Her long hair arranged into a knot got loosened, hair fell down and spread across her back reaching her knees.

Shiva, please arrange my hair into a knot. I got up took her hair into my hands . The silky smooth feel of her hair stirred my loins and my cock was instantly hard and erect. I was wearing lungi and no underwear. My cock was touching her big perturbing ass. I some how controlled my urge to press my turgid cock against her big ass, but was unable to arrange her hair into a knot.

She thrust herself back against me her head on my chest, the feel of her silky smooth hair sent electric waves through my body. " Peddamma (Aunty) your hair is so silky and beautiful", I said. I was hesitant, but was sure that she could feel my hardness against her buttocks, yet she was pressing herself against me.

I said, "Aunty, You look more beautiful, if you arrange your hair into a long plait"

I shall do so to day for your sake. Your Pedananna (uncle ) never appreciates my beauty.

I some how arranged her hair into a knot and reluctantly, I went back to the chair.

She prepared dosa and we had breakfast. All the time I was looking at her beautiful big pendulous breasts .She noticed my looks and smiled, her beautiful smile. When she smiles dimples form on her cheeks which looks sexy.

After the breakfast, Padma asked me to apply oil her body, sitting on a stool in the shade of pomegranate tree in the backyard of the house. I was thrilled, applied coconut oil to her long hair. It was exciting for me to feel her smooth silky hair. Then I massaged oil on to her scalp, applied oil on her hands, arms and legs up to knees. She then pulled back her saree, applied oil on her huge terrific thunderous thighs. She asked me to massage moongdal powder on her body. I did so. Now Shiva, Aunty said, " would you like to help me wash my hair and bathe"

Aunty, " I want to" I said

We went to the bathroom, Aunty asked me to wash her hair with soapnut powder solution. I washed and cleaned with so much pleasure. Then I soaped her back arms and legs. Aunty, removed her blouse and bra and saree and petticoat. She was completely naked. I was excited. She asked me to soap her breasts. I did lovingly. Her huge, heavy, well hung and firm breasts were like big watermelons. Her nipples were big, brown, hard, and jutting. I poured water on her. Then Aunty removed my lungi, took hold of my erect and hard long ,thick cock. Your cock is so big for your age. Its beautiful. She stroked my cock. She cleaned my cock pulling the foreskin back with soap and water, kissed the big knob ran her tongue allover my cock, licked from the base to knob, took my balls into her mouth licked my scrotum, then took my cock into her mouth started sucking. Sucking and sucking.

Oh!!!!!! I came in her mouth thick jet of my cum loads and loads of my sperm into her mouth, I put my hands on her head . saying aunty aunty aunty... She drank swallowed all my cum sucked last drop of my sperm. Then she took my cock out of her mouth, licked the last few drops coming out of my cock, still semi erect and said " Shiva is it good, do you like it"

"Oh It's heaven Aunty."

"Now, Shiva Give me Your tongue."

She spread her thighs. I kneeled down and kissed her wet juicy cunt lips.

"Lick my cunt " I licked

"Rub your tongue there" she guided me on to her clit.

I did , rubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit

"Put your tongue into my cunt."

I inserted my tongue into her cunt.

"Now fuck me with your tongue."

"Put your mouth at my cunt and suck and slurp, like that oh, you are learning fast my dear son. Do it like that. Yes yes good "

I didn't know then that women also have orgasms, but I could remember the sensations of her cunt muscles contracting and expanding against my mouth. Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed hard against her quivering cunt. She came (I learnt later) and came, her body pulsating with orgasmic ecstasy again again. Oh, Shiva, thank you, It's been a long time I experienced such beautiful heavenly orgasm and pleasure.

We then bathed each other. In the hall I dried and combed her hair and then she arranged her hair into a single long plait, tied a rubber band just below her ass and leaving the rest of the hair loose reaching her knees , forming a U shape & decorated with jasmine malas grown back yard of our house. In the after noon we fucked. And in the night we fucked and fucked several times till wee hours.

The very next day she asked me to marry her by untying the mungalsutra tied by her husband & put a new one I did so. Now I became her unofficial husband.

In the evening She asked me to go to market and bring sweets and flowers- jasmine mala. She asked me to have a bath and handed over a new white dhothi and banian. We had a light dinner. She asked me to wait in my room and do not come out till she calls. After some time she called me to go into the master bed room and wait. I went in and saw; the scene was like in a movie. Pure white bed sheet and pillow covers, fruits and sweets placed on the side table.

Aunty Padmavathi Devi came in , dressed to kill, dressed in half white pure silk saree with pink jaree border, matching blouse, her hair done into a single plait, jasmine lengths adorning her plait. She was like Goddess. Love Goddess. Sex Goddess. Like the pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi Parvathi, saraswathi etc., we see in the photos, like Ravivarma paintings.

Aunty You look so beautiful. I am happy You find me beautiful my dear, She handed over the glass of milk to me. I drank half and gave to her. Shiva, My lover, You are my man of the life. You are my real husband. She was in my arms. I hugged her. Kissed her all over her face. And then kissed on her lips. Our tongues in each other's mouth exploring and sucking each other's lower lips. It was long drawn exhaustive and exhausting kiss. I led her to the bed , lied sown, my head on her lap, she removed her bra and blouse and thurst her big hard nipples into my mouth and is sucked. Taking my hard erect cock into her hands, She said, "Shiva, your cock is so big .As big as horse's r donkey's. That night, It was a meeting of two souls into one , trying to achieve oneness. Uniting with each other. Exploring each other. Two bodies trying to become one. Again again and again. Our bodies tired. But our mind wants the night to go on and on forever. Finally we slept naked in each other's arms.

What I very clearly remember was that When I first fucked her in her cunt and she came and came and I came into her, I was , my cock was still hard , rather semi hard in her cunt, as I looked into her eyes- She blushed. Buried her face on my chest pulling me down and then kissed all over my face.

Shiva You don't know what I am feeling You gave me an heavenly experience which I never felt in my whole married life. I achieved my first orgasm while being fucked by you. Your uncle was not interested much in sex, and he never made me reach climax while fucking me. And You are the first man to eat me cunt. Shiva, I am from now yours and yours only.

We continued to fuck each other day and night , eating fucking sleeping, We fucked in the bath room , in the kitchen, in the hall, in the bed room. And on the terrace during night. No one suspected or could suspect because I am her sister's son. Her attitude towards life changed, She started taking more and more interest in herself , bought new sarees, always presenting her self in her best. I became man of the house, her unofficial wedded husband. She became a new person- like teenage girl young wife, newly married girl.

She planned a honeymoon. We went to Tirupathi and Bangalore for a week. I t was like a real honey moon for both of us. The world didn't know. But for us it was like honeymoon. We returned back after a week.

The college started. Aunty bought me a Scooter despite the protests of my parents. They said you are pampering him. She smiled and said, "Look He is my son. I can afford."

In the evenings, by the time I come from the college. She used to be ready and dressed up in sarees & wore jasmine mala, and we went to parks and movies on the scooter. She was making her all her dreams come true with me as her man, as her husband. We did everything. I shaved Aunty's pussy and armpits. I read in sex magazine about eating pussy. I ate pussy auntie's pussy- banana stuffed in her pussy- and she bringing it out slowly. Pour honey on her body and lick allover. Eat grapes, cherries, gulabjamoons from her juice drenched cunt.

On Sundays we used to move around naked in the house. We were aware of the fact that our fucking is incestuous. But the incest only helped to add glamour and excitement. I used to call her Peddamma in front of others. and Padma when we were alone.

Her husband was deeply religious, even when he visits once am month or so he used to go to temples for religious discourses. And Me and Padma used to go to movies or for shopping in the evenings.

Padma was pregnant, I impregnated her. She was happy and jubilant. She wanted to have my child our love child. During the next visit of her husband , she almost seduced her husband and got fucked and later made him believe that he made her pregnant. I fucked Padma aunty throughout the pregnancy.

During the 5th month of aunty's pregnancy mother came to visit us. That night after Mom slept , Aunty came to my room. Aunty had huge belly even in her 5th month of pregnancy, her breasts became more plumpe and bigger, her round aphrodisiac ass softer and bigger, she was erotic and exciting. I was sucking, licking , lapping and slurping up her cunt juices.

Seducing Sexy Mother

Mother came to see me during dasara holidays on a Sunday morning. Padma aunty and me were not so happy because, mother presence interrupted our usual Sunday fucking program. In the evening, Me, Aunty and Mother went to a movie. I was thrilled to take them out- both dressed beautifully, the sexy sizzling sisters. In the mean while aunty gave me some mane to bring 5 two feet jasmine malas for rest of the night & hide it with me & I did so. In the night, after dinner Aunty and Mom went to the master bedroom and me to my room.

I have forgotten to say about my mother , I was also sexually attracted towards her from the time I started my affair with my aunty. Sandya Devi was 37, 5'8" tall, has beautiful sexy figure, a slim & trim lady, large expressive eyes, beautiful pectorals, broad face, thick juicy lips, chubby cheeks, fair & smooth skin, long thick jet black silky smooth lustrous shining hair crossing her knee lengths. She was a Gandarva type woman. She oozes sexuality and feminineness. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. She looks like Sri Devi (who married Bony Kapoor) , the South Indian actress.

Padma Aunty came in after a long wait. I hugged Aunty. Your mother is asleep, I couldn't sleep without being fucked by you, my Young hubby. Then I bought one two feet mala & decorated her hair. We undressed each other, Aunty lay down across the bed her feet on the floor, and I kneeled between her thunderous thighs and started licking her cunt, sucking, lapping slurping, unaware of the audience. Mother couldn't sleep, she saw Aunty going out, Mother also got up to drink water, went to the kitchen, didn't see her sister Padma, but saw the light in her son's (me) room. Walked towards the door, heard voices, the door was bolted inside, she could listen Padma's voice "Lick me, oh! Dear it's heaven; you have become an expert in pussy eating Good .I am melting, suck my juices out" Mother heard the voice.. The words, went out of the main door went to the window- window was open light passing through the

curtain, Sandya slowly lifted the curtain and saw.... puzzled...couldn't believe ... Her son was licking Padma's cunt.. She was surprised yet excited to see her son licking, and her son's long thick monstrous cock. Body chemistry worked, her body responded, breasts became heavy, nipples grew hard, as she watched.

I asked Aunty to get up and bend. She bent, her hands holding the bed. I positioned myself at her back, Her legs spread wide, her ass up, I placed my rod at her cunt and then entered her cunt slowly steadily, like a knife Piercing a slab soft butter, opening her cunt muscles torching her bottom. I started fucking slowly rhythmically taking out my cock from her cunt upto knob and sending back in.. Gradually increasing the speed like a railway engine piston each time I forced my cock sound thup thup thup thup thup Fucking fucking with controlled movements in and out in and out in-out In out, I took hold of her long single plait decorated with flowers; with one hand & put it on my shoulder and and with other hand holding on her midriff – fucking her – I was riding her. We could see our images in the mirror, so could mother.

Sandya Devi watching her son's big cock in and out of Padma's cunt, his cock shining in the light coated with cunt juice. Sandya's juices oozed out of her cunt. She wished that she were there in her sister's place. She couldn't stop but compare. Her son's cock was twice the size of her husband's. Sandya started fingering her cunt.. Watching the fucking scene in side the room, she inserted two fingers into her cunt and started fucking herself. She watched, listened.. Padma: "Fuck me ..More hard ..harder.. more fuck me my son my young stud.. Fuck me..oh! Rip off my cunt ...." "Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She came and came loudly, her whole body shaking.. Volcanic eruption. Shiva holding her ass pressed his cock deep inside Padma's cunt experiencing her cunt muscles gripping contracting expanding.... And I exploded ... hot lava pumping into aunty's cunt... White thick sperm dripping down from her cunt onto her thighs... Padma and me stood in the same position till the orgasms were complete.. I took the cock out of her cunt.. And we both walked out to the bathroom through the kitchen.. washed each other, came back to the kitchen. Aunty took the bowl of gulabjamoons and we came back to the room.I ate gulab jamoons from aunty's cunt. Aunty licked my cock dipped in gulab jamoon juice. We started fucking. This time I asked aunty to come up fuck. Mother was watching all these fucking games. We didn't know that. Aunty went back to the master bedroom saw her sister deep in sleep. But Aunty didn't know that her younger sister was awake and was acting as if she was in deep sleep.

After some time, Mother got up ensured that Padma slept, and went to hall to bring flowers from cover put it in her hair and came to my room. I was in light sleep, I saw my mother wearing a white saree arranged her hair into a single long plait decorated with jasmine malas more than aunty, she was amazing. Mom slept next to me on the bed, I asked mother that I want to hold her in my hands and sleep, she said ok, then I hold her tightly, I can fell her breasts on my chest, her plait and jasmines in my hand, that make my loins raise she felt it and got up & started fondling my cock and it was instantly hard and erect. I was awake and to my pleasant surprise and astonishment saw my mother holding my cock in her hands. I fucked my mother in the same way as I do with aunty that night.

Aunty went for her delivery to hospital, so I and my mom went to our home, in the mid way I took her to a temple and married her too. From that evening we fucked daily, I used to get flowers daily and she used to decorate her self according to my interests ,I used to fuck her in many new ways as my father was also on tours, mom also seduced father and made him to fuck her one night. I impregnated my mother too. We fucked each other through out the pregnancy. I took my mother too aunty house as it is a secured place for her.

Gorgeous Grandmother

Aunty Padmavathi Devi was very happy to deliver a handsome healthy boy, our love child in a hospital. My grand mother Kasthuri Devi came to help mother and aunty.

Mother too gave birth to a gal while I was fucking her in her ninth month, our lovely child in home itself.

After few days Grandmother wanted to go to her home situated in a village. I accompanied her. We went to the Bus terminal, but the last bus going to the village was cancelled, and hence we boarded another bus which doesn't go to the village but to another village situated on the highway.

It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining.

I was standing behind grandma, the aroma of jasmine flowers from grandma's hair plait was romantic and exciting.

Grandma was 56yrs young, gracefully matured beauty. She was 5'6" tall, sexy, voluptuous, heavyset, 75kg woman, with 44-38-48 figure and long smooth silky hair reaching her knees. Her hair is still dark at temples but a light streaks of silvery hair added glamour and attraction to her feminine. She normally wear her hair as a plait beautifully arranged long & jasmines compulsary.

I couldn't control touching her porturbing ass cheeks which were like inverted pots . My perpetually erect and hard cock was pressing against her arse . Grandma instead of moving away from me though there was enough space infront of her she leaned back against me pressing her buttocks against my hardness. The road was not smooth and the jerks of the bus helped me to press at her. Grandma was almost leaning against me, turned her head back towards me and smiled. I placed my left hand on her fat midriff and then moved towards her navel, holding her tight pressing myself against her, my cock's hardness pressing her arse in circular motion. There was a slight drizzle, which gradually turned to heay rain, the early monsoon rain, the earth absorbing the rain water and giving out typical aroma, which was romantic, invigorating and symbolic.

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  Scarlett Johansson selfshots in bed - leaked pics!
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Scarlett Johansson is an American actress, model, and singer. 

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  Miley Cyrus Sunbathes Topless On A Hotel Balcony In Sydney
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  Paris Hilton
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  Selena Gomez
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  Hot Milf Collection
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  Farming My Mother Bhavani
Posted by: sexmoza - 02-06-2017, 05:01 PM - Forum: XXX Stories - Replies (3)

I had an eye on my mother's body eversince I was 16 and the culprit is my own dad!

We own a small farm in my village. I am Anand and I am 18 now. My mom Bhavani is a housewife and I help dad in handling farm activities. My dad got me out of school two years ago to look after the farm business.

My mother was never a sexual object for me until two years ago, one day my dad took me to the cow shed. We have a nice bull and it was always a sort-after one by other farmers for impregnation of their cows. The bull was born to one of our cows whos is good at producing good calf. But on that day dad had a different agenda! He got the bull with its mother and made him to mount her. Dad said he wanted a pure breed so he was inbreeding them. I said they are mother and son! He said all females are bitches and she will happily let her son fuck her!

I was shy looking at them initially but but as I saw the bull happily mounted his mother and the cow didnot resist! As I saw the bull taking pleasure in fucking his mother, slowly I felt my hands rubbing against my dick. I was surprised how fast the bull mounted her! As if it was natural! Neither the son nor the mother hesitated or tried to get away. The bull blissfully smelled her cunt for a while and got up over her and inserted his long dick. I could not help but masterbate myself seeing them and few seconds later, in my imagination, my hand became my mom's cunt. I looked at dad and he was busy doing his stuff. So I quickly went back a haystack and wanked myself looking at the bull and his mother.

That started my adventure of lusting my mother but I always cursed myself. Until we got the internet and stumbled onto mr-double site about two months later. I was surprised how many sons are like me!

I read some stories from your site and started developing lust for my mom! That afternoon I found mom on a nice position in the kitchen which got me to ogle at my mother. She was at the kitchen table doing some cleaning and she spread utensils on the floor around her. Her saree covered arse was pointing at me asking for a caress. My lust took over me and I desperately wanted to grope that arse. Luckily I had cookie jar on the top shelf above mom. For the first time, I had guts and went straight and made a fuck gesture with her arse and touched my thighs with hers saying "watchit mom! I need to get the cookie jar!"and pushed her hard while I sandwiched her. Mom was startled before but kept quiet as I got the jar. "You should have asked me!" mom said settling out.

"I didn't want to disturb you!" I said looking at her saree covered arse.

Since then I have learnt new tricks in molesting my mother whenever I had an opportunity. Mom sometimes use to joke that she should get me married. Probably she realised I was taking pleasure in molesting her but she never told me to stop.

But the best happened when I saw dad romancing with one of my aunties in a cow shed. They both were startled to see me there and were not all happy. Aunty went away quickly but dad stayed there.

"You are not telling this to your mother or your uncle!" dad said authoritatively.

I could not say anything to him but after few minutes I said I need a favour in return.

He asked me what it is!

I said to him "How do you feel if mom does what you do?"

Dad got furious and said "I will kill her!"

Then he said "Why? Is she?"

I said "Not that I know of! But I have plans for her!" I gathered my courage.

"What plans?" he asked.

I kept quiet for a while and said "Dad, if you want me to shut my mouth, then you have to overlook what I do with mom!"

"What will you do?" he asked.

"Same as you do with aunty!"

"You mean..." dad said.

I nodded my head.

Dad was dumbstruck for a minute. Then he said "But she is your mother!"

"Your lover is my aunt too! That didn't stop you!"

"SHUTUP!" dad shouted.

"But what if your mother doesn't want to?" he asked after a while.

"That why I told you to overlook!"

"You mean you gonna force her?"

"Look dad!" I said "You are committing adultry but you were shocked when you heard about me and mom!" I stopped.

"How do you think mom will take?" I asked him.

He was dumbstruck! "No..I can't..." he said.

"Dad! You are having fun here! All I am asking is to overlook me. I am not tarnishing your name by raping a girl or something! All I want you to do is don't heed me and I will forget yours with aunty! I promise everything will be confidential!"

"You are a sick bastard!" Dad said.

"I have your genes dad!" I said as I guessed I had control.

"I will kill you if you make a mistake and blow this out!" dad said.

"I won't dad!" I said.

We both cooled down later and got back to normal life.

That evening after dinner, we started playing cards. It was started as fun but dad started asking for bets. We then slowly started betting and few games later, dad ran out of cash.

Mom was sitting near us and knitting.

Dad said he has no cash so I asked him to use mom as a bet against all my money. He did and he lost.I gotup and jumped with joy. Mom also was joking she became my property.

We went back to bed that night and dad gotup early in the morning and went to the fields. I saw him out and said to him to make sure aunty sees him in the shed.

I waited until breakfast with mom and after breakfast I made sure I closed all the doors, and I asked mom because she is my property she has to come and sit on my lap. She said no first but gave into my persistence. But as she sat on my lap, the first thing I did is grab her blouse covered breast and squeeze it. Mom became startled and quickly got up but by then I was firmly holding her pallu.

As I grabbed and pulled her pallu, mom held on to it firmly and said "What are you doing Anand?! I am your mother!"

"So what mother? You have all that I want!" I said pulling her pallu.

"But you can't!" mom said. "I am your dad's wife!"

"Dad is not here mother! Its just you and me!" I smiled at her.

"No!" she screamed "How can you take advantage on your own mother?"

"Because I want you mother!" I said pulling her pallu. She was holding on well.

"You will rot in hell if you make your mother cry Anand!" she said.

"But I will be in heaven for now mom!" I said.

"Anand please! Please leave me!" she pleaded.

"I will mom!" I said. "I will if you take off your clothes and come to bed with me!"

"NO!" mom screamed. "How can you ask your mother like that?"

"Because I want you mom!" I said. "I want you and I will take you whether you accept or not!"

"You can't you bastard!" mom hollered. "You are a wimp to eye on your mother's chastity but I am a woman enough to say no!"

I got furious hearing those words. I pulled her pallu with all my force saying "We will see whos the wimp here my sexy mother!" The force let her hands slip and she turned and fell as some of her saree disrobed. She screamed as she fell on the floor and started turning as I vigourously disrobed her until all her saree came off.

Mom started crying by then and started pleading me to leave her alone. She was lying on her tummy on the floor with her blouse and pettycoat. I felt sad initially as I saw her crying but she looked sexy with her blouse and pettycoat. Best of all her helplessness being my mother made it more sexy for me. As I looked at her pettcoat which got crumpled up to her knees, I realised I am after her sweet birthing cunt.

So I said to her calmly "I will not do any thing mom! Just lift your arse and kneel!" She didnot listen to to me and kept crying.


She took her time and reluctantly kneeled on the floor while I took off my sarong and went to the back of her. I then knelt between her legs pushing them aside and started lifting her pettycoat. Mom realised what was going and tried protesting by holding on to pettycoat but my force was no match for hers. As I lifted her pettycoat over her arse mom said "No" and tried to pull it down but by then I firmly caught the naked sides of her arse with my hands.

I then lined up my dick with her cunt hole and rammed it in! Her cunt was very dry and pained a bit but my precum came in handy. Mom screamed and said "No" again but could say anything.

I pushed my dick deep into her and stopped there. I was determined to humiliate her. I said "Oh Yes mom! You were very worried about your chastity mother! Look at it now! One lift of your pettycoat and one ramm of your son's dick into your cunt and you are not chaste anymore! And I, your own son, took your chastity. You are not just my mother anymore!"

I paused for a while and took out my dick and rammed in her again. I then leaned forward and kissed her on her back saying "You have a great body mother! The body of the godess of love! Don't waste it just on dad mother..."

I bent forward and held her blouse-covered right breast with my right hand and squeezed it! I then said "I like what you got mother! And I will take it whenever I want!" I rammed her again.

I then said "I will stop for nobody mother! Even if dad comes now, I will fuck you infront of him! He will run like a mad dog and will try to separate us like we do when we see two dogs fucking! Or probably he will watch his wife getting screwed!" I paused a while and said "You were worried about keeping your chastity for that bastard. Do you know if he is fucking only you?" I rammed her again caressing her breast.

"Leave him mom!" I said. "He is not fit to fuck your cunt! You got him because I was not around then! I am now and I will take care of you! Leave him and sleep with me! I will take care of you like no son in this world took care of his mother! If you want you can still be his wife for the world!" I fucked her again.

Mom was crying but furiously said "Don't you have any shame you bastard? You are raping your mother and now you are asking her to be your prostitute?"

"You will not be my prostitute mother!" I said and kissed her back again. "Your body is the most valuable thing for me! I will have to sell you to others if I make you my prostitute! I can't do that! You are mine and you will be mine! You will be my sexy mother only! A mother who will take care of her son's sexual urges!"

"Not in your life you bastard" mom said. "You might rape me like now but I will never sell myself to you! You are not capable of enjoying my body!" I kept fucking her when she was talking.

"OO...but you offer your body to people like dad!" I slipped.

"He is a lot better person than you! He doesn't rape other people's wives!" mom said.

"Thats what you think mom!" I rammed her hard.

"What do you mean?" suddenly she got distracted and tried to stop and look at me.

"Stay still mom!" I said. "I haven't finished raping you!" and kept fucking.

"But" she said and screamed as I squeezed her breast hard to distract her.

"You know you look sexy when you are in pain?" I said to her while ramming her. "This is my moment mom! So stay still and let me finish!"

Mom kept quiet as I kept pounding her cunt. We could not hear anything but the touching sounds of my groin and her arse while we fucked.

Few moments later, I felt like caresssing her clit so I letgo her breast and twisted my hand to touch her clit. Mom suddenly gave a big moan as my fingures touched her clitoris. I was pretty surprise and kept massaging her clit.

After a few more minutes, I finally felt my ball explodes as my cum gushed out of my dick as I grunted and buried my dick deep in her. My dick started spraying my cum in her. It was a great feeling as I emptied my load but soon the guilt took over it.

I felt sad for a while that it was my own mother I have defiled but I remembered dad's words when he said all women are bitches. The thought of my own mother being a bitch made me take control of her. I withdrew my limp dick from her cunt and got up and went to the toilet.

As I came back I saw mom in the final stages of draping her saree. She also set everything to normal. I avoided looking at her face and went into my room. I was in mixed emotions. I felt great I fulfilled my desire and fucked my mother but at the sametime I also felt sorry for her. I knew it would have been much better if she agreed to get fucked. But it is impossible for indian mothers to freely offer their bodies to their sons. They should be forced and thats what I did.

I dozed off in my room and an hour later I came out to find mom in the kitchen. We both looked at eachother in silence. A while later mom asked "Do you want some tea?"

I said yes to her and went to bathroom to have a shower. When I came back mom gave me the tea. While I drank the tea mom said "I know what you did before is unthinkable and degrading but please donot mention it to anyone!"

"NO! mom!" I said. "Why would I do that?"

"I don't know! You do things for no reason sometimes!"

"No I wouldn't mom!"

There was silence for a while. A little later mom asked "What was that you were saying about dad before?"

"What did I say? I said nothing." I said.

"You were saying about dad not being faithful."

"No I said he might. I didnot say for sure."

"No you sounded for sure. Tell me Anand!"

"No mom! There nothing!"

"Come on Anand! I need to know! Please!"

"No! It won't make any good!"

"It will Anand! If you tell me the truth, I will get the reason for you raping me!"

I felt bad hearing it.

"Now tell me the truth Anand!" mom asked.

I kept silent for a while and then said "I saw dad and aunty vimala in our shed the other day!"

Mom kept quiet for a while. She then said "Are you sure? They might be just talking!"

"No, mom they were in each other arms!" I said.

"Did they see you?"

"Yes they did!"

"What did they say?"

"The same! Tried to escape!"

"I still can't believe you Anand! I want details!"

"I told you what I saw mom! I might charge you for details!" I joked.

"You had your mother's body! What more do you want!"

"More of it?" I was impromptu.

Mom was shocked. She then said "You like your mother's body don't you? Okay, if you prove your dad is fucking your aunt, then I myself will take off my clothes and sleep with you!"

"Sure? Promise?" I asked her.

"Your mother never went back on her words Anand! I will do it!"

"Then dressup and come!"

"What?..Why...this soon?"

"Yes right now! We could be lucky!"

"I am dressed we can go if you want! Just few minutes until I finish this curry!"

"Okay" I said and went into my room to puton a shirt.

Mom is ready in few minutes and then we went to our farm. We took the short cut which not many people take and we avioded people incase they might warn dad.

Few minutes later we reached the shed. I told mom to hide behind a bush and slowly went and checked through a slit in the windows. I could not see anything. Frantically, I opened the window a bit and still could see anything. I could not see dad at all! I was dejected and mom cursed me for wasting her time.

That day passedby without more events and we all three tried our best to look nothing was going on. I was determined to show mom that dad is fucking aunty. The next morning, an hour after dad left to the farm, I took mom to the shed. We looked through the same window again. We could not see first but then towards bottom right I saw them. They were kissing but dad was on the top of her. I quickly asked mom to join me.

As I took backstep to let her see, I knew my plan worked well. As she watched her husband fucking her sister, I watched my mother's plumpy motherly body with every wrong thought I could think off. A little later she could not see anymore and went back home quickly. I followed her home.

She went home cursing her husband, but I followed her like a dog after a bitch. I closed the door as we went in as mom screamed "I will kill that bastard! And that bitch!"

"After you satisfy me mom!" I thought as I saw her going to the kitchen.

She kept cursing them for a while and then cooled down.

As soon as I got an opportunity I said "Then you will keep your word?"

Mom looked at me and came to me and threw her loose end of her saree on the floor. As I looked at her blouse covered breasts along with her sutras, mom said "I will keep my word Anand!" and started disrobing her saree.

She took off her saree and threw it on the sofa "Come Anand! This body is for you! Fuck me and fulfil your lust! You and your dad are alike! No relations and no taboos! You want cunt and don't care whos cunt it is!"

As horny I was, I felt some ego in me. I went to the sofa and pickup the saree and threw it on her saying "I raped you once and I can do it now too mom! But I want you to come to me by yourselves and offer yourselves to me! Until then I will not touch you!"

I paused and took some steps away from her towards my bedroom. I then turned back and said "I don't know about dad but I care whos cunt it is for me to fuck! I want your cunt mom only and not just every other cunt! You might think its un-natural but I love you! "

I walked into my room and locked it. I quickly went to bed and wanked myself. I was proud of the way I controlled myself eventhough she stood before me with her blouse and pettycoat and my dick was aching to fuck her. I knew she would be humiliated of my gesture and would give me more control over her.

That evening mom and dad argued when dad returned home. Dad was not happy I spilled the beans but took control and told her to accept the fact or bugger off. Mom cried but kept quiet later.

I was determined to use dad to get mom to sleep with me. We knew aunty's hubby is going away on farm work for few days. So I encouraged dad to go and sleep with her in the nights. On the first night uncle left, dad went to join aunty about 9pm. Mom and me slept on our beds that night. Next day mom made a big deal but dad ignored her. Mom kept crying the whole day. That evening dad didnot even come for dinner. Mom cooked his favourtie dish but no avail. So she gave me some to take it to auntie's house. I went and gave the dish and came back soon after as they felt nervous to talk to me.

I came home and we both ate dinner. Mom asked what did dad say. I told her he is not coming home that night too. We finished our dinner and went to bed.

I was around 9pm. I was reading a book and mom knocked on the door. I told her to come in. She came in asking what I was doing and I told her I was reading. She then came and sat on the side of the bed and twisted herself to look at me leaning on her right arm. I had a nice look at her naked midriff with her flesh glistening and kept looking as she said "I could not sleep so...".

She then said "It doesn't feel it was long ago when you were just a baby and born out of me! I felt great and was obsessed by you! I fed you from my breasts and you looked always cute when you dozed off feeding. Since then you were always with me. I never thought we will be separated anytime. We played and enjoyed eachother's company. You slept with me until you were nine years old. Eversince you got your room, I have learned to let my boy go."

She paused and said "Things were great then Anand! We were a great family and enjoying everything! Now nine years on, things have changed completely. You have grownup and showed me that in a way no mother would experience. And then your dad has decided your mother's sister is more tastier than your mother! Now I am all alone Anand!"

I felt a bit sad.

She continued "Eventhough you and me slept together somany times since you were born, I realised things have changed between us and when you said I should offer myself to sleep with you, I realised there is a new meaning to 'us' sleeping together. Previously you were never interested whether I am robed or disrobed when we slept together. But now you are interested in my body underneath my saree. I know your mother is not just a mother to you anymore but also a woman! A woman of your desire! And you are not just my son but also a man. A man with control! A man who can rape his mother. Just like your dad, you showed me it is your will to do anything."

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  Leggy Bianca Gascoigne dazzles in a figure-hugging pink mini dress
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  Bella Hadid flashes her peachy posterior in sheer pink knickers
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