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Mother Comes to Stay
Darren turned his key in the door, conscious that for the first time in nearly a year he would not be coming home from work to an empty house. Ever since the old plastic had got a bit out of hand Debbie had worked the late shift to get both ends somewhere near meeting. Now, they were nearly on top of their bills and she was working more to buy much needed new things than to pay for past purchases. But she was still working and it would not be his wife waiting for him, but his mother.

Replaced by a newer model and driven into near depression by her husband's (Darren's father) desertion, his mother had come to stay while she learned to cope with life as a divorcee. Just yesterday he had lugged her suitcases up to the spare bedroom while she and Debbie shared coffee and gossip in the kitchen. He could see, if he wasn't careful, that he would be ganged up on by the two women and for that reason was quite pleased that he would only have to cope with them one at a time, so to speak - oh, except at weekends.

"Hi Ma! You in?" He called out to a silent house.

"Yes dear, I'm upstairs... resting."

Darren noticed the slight pause before the word 'resting', but mentally shrugged as he hung his hi-viz vest in the hall and then wandered through into the kitchen to investigate food.

A casserole was bubbling gently and a cold dessert was chilling in the fridge along with a couple of beers, and he was beginning to see the advantages of having his mother around. It made a change from having to zap a microwave dinner or rely on his own, very limited, culinary repertoire. He smiled happily. A quick shower to get rid of the days grime and he'd be ready to eat.

Kicking off his work boots Darren bounded up the stairs, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. Then, automatically and without even thinking about the occupant, he glanced into the spare room as he went past, instantly regretting it and instantly flaming with embarrassment. His mother, his fifty-two year old respectable mother, was lying naked on the bed and she was masturbating.

His confusion was complete and, though it wouldn't be true to say he ran to the bathroom, it wouldn't be far wrong either. His mind was in turmoil, his was never a family comfortable with nudity and he could never remember having seen his mother naked before, much less indulging in such a personal activity. He'd just never thought of her as a sexual being and the discovery made him feel very uncomfortable.

He turned on the shower and went over it in his mind. He'd have to say something, it would be unfair not to, but what? Should he tell her what he'd seen? Could her tell her what he'd seen even? No, but he could just say about her door not being shut properly. Yes, that would do it, she might realise he'd seen her, but it left it unsaid. He wished he'd never looked in and vowed always to keep his eyes averted as he passed his mother's room. The whole thing disturbed him greatly.

Something else that disturbed him greatly was the fact that his mother had a fit body for her age. Yes, she was lying down and things don't sag so much lying down, but she looked to have pretty firm breasts and a nice flat stomach. But it wasn't so much her body that bothered him, but simply the fact that he'd noticed. Worse still, he stood in the shower with a semi erection, his penis responding to the sight of a naked woman and ignoring who she was.

He towelled himself dry, shrugged himself into his robe and went into his bedroom to put on fresh jeans and a sweatshirt before setting off to go downstairs. About a yard into the corridor he stopped dead, wondering for a moment how to pass that door again, then noticing that it was now shut and he could pass with impunity. Well, at least I won't have to say anything he told himself with relief, because she's obviously realised for herself.

Dinner was a strange meal. Both he and his mother talked incessantly, he to stop himself looking at the woman who now sat opposite him and thinking of her masturbating on her bed, and she, he presumed, because she always chattered away.

All evening he saw the image of her nakedness in his head, and all evening he fought to stop himself responding to it. When Debbie finally came home and they went to bed he made love to her with fierce passion, but in his head it wasn't Debbie he was fucking, but his mother. Sleep, when it finally came, was interrupted by wakeful periods of intense shame and embarrassment.

The next night, as he drove home, he prayed that he would find his mother sitting in the lounge knitting, or crocheting, or at least doing something that mothers are supposed to do. In the event, she was watching television, dinner was cooked and waiting, and he was able to enjoy a normal meal with a normal mother and, to his great relief, put the previous night behind him as a one-off aberration. He was even able smile to himself in slight admiration of his sexy mother, the mother who played with herself.

After a couple of days life settled down, he and Debbie - to whom he had said nothing - became used to having a third person about the house, while for her part his mother quietly fitted herself around their lifestyle. There had never been a finite time put on his mother's stay and it didn't look as though one would ever be needed. Then one night, as he and Debbie lay in each others arms, enjoying a post coital cuddle, they became aware of little gasps and whimpers coming from the spare room. Gasps and whimpers that rapidly built into the stifled but unmistakable sounds of an intense female orgasm. They looked at each other, smiles breaking out on their faces as they realised they were listening to a motherly climax.

"Oh well, I guess that's our fault." Debbie smiled at her husband. "We must have woken her up when we were doing it and set her off."

"I don't think she needs much 'setting off' from what I've seen." Darren briefly told Debbie what he had witnessed that first night.

"The randy sod, her!" Debbie giggled. "I bet it gave you a shock."

"You bet right, it's not something you expect to see, is it?"

"I would think you enjoyed it on the quiet though, didn't you?"

"I think I was far too embarrassed to enjoy it. After all, it's my mother we're talking about, not some randy teenager."

"Well, Jenny is on her own now, so she must get frustrated, especially if she has to listen to us at it." Debbie nodded her head in the general direction of a now silent spare room. She had always called her mother-in-law by name, not feeling comfortable with 'Mother', 'Mum' or 'Ma'.

"I just wish she wouldn't." Darren looked at Debbie. "Yes, I know she must have needs, Debs, but it's embarrassing lying here with you, listening to my mother wanking."

"Would it bother you if I wasn't here?"

"Not as much, I suppose." He conceded "But it's still not nice."

"Go on, I bet you'd listen to her and wank yourself silly."

Darren coloured up, as much from the image that was by the thought generated as from the realisation that it was probably true.

"See! I knew it." Debbie was grinning hugely at his blushes.

"I don't think so." He retorted crossly before rolling on his side in retreat from a conversation he was obviously losing.

Sleep was again elusive and his thoughts embarrassing, but eventually morning arrived and he staggered sleepily to the shower, only to be met by his bright and cheerful mother returning to her room dressed only in a rather flimsy nightdress.

"Hello darling." His mother presented her cheek to be kissed.

"Morning Mother." He brusquely touched his lips to her face, noticing as he did so how prominent her nipples were against the thin material. Why couldn't she wear flannelette like mothers are supposed to?

Again that day he couldn't stop thinking about his mother. He couldn't stop wondering why she was suddenly so bloody sexy; he couldn't remember her being that upfront when his father was there. And why was he suddenly noticing, it wasn't healthy for a man to be looking at his mothers nipples through her nightdress, or to be listening to her orgasm from her own hand for that matter. The whole thing was beginning to bother him greatly and he was beginning to regret having her stay. Her presence seemed likely to inhibit his own usually active and experimental sex life, as well as giving him moments of pure embarrassment, but Debbie didn't understand and certainly didn't seem as bothered as he was. But then she wasn't the one with a sexy mother frigging herself in the next room.

That night he arrived home he saw the light on in his mother's bedroom. Here we go again, he said to himself, before parking the car and letting himself into the house as quietly as possible. It was, he told himself, so that he could find out if anything was happening and discreetly withdraw to return later if there was. 'Yeah', said the devil on his shoulder, 'and the Pope's an atheist.'

Darren stood silently in the hall, hardly breathing and straining his ears for the slightest sound. But he could hear nothing, not the faintest murmur and definitely not the moans of a woman in heat. After a minute or so he quietly slipped off his boots and tiptoed to the bottom of the stairs, still listening intently. Again, nothing to be heard, except maybe, just maybe, the soft sound of regular breathing. Darren relaxed, this time his mother really was resting.

He hung up his jacket and began, very quietly, to mount the stairs, convinced that his mother was asleep and if she only stayed that way he could shower in peace. That illusion was shattered, if it ever really existed, by about the fourth step when a deep sigh and a slight gasp revealed that she was far from asleep, and was in fact active once more. Even so, because he had no reason to believe she was aware of his presence he continued to climb, reasoning, somewhat illogically, that by the time she heard the shower she would be finished and it wouldn't matter. She wouldn't have left the bedroom door ajar again, would she?

The straight answer to that was, yes she would, and why wouldn't she, Darren thought belatedly, if she's on her own in the house? In fact the door was slightly wider open than last time and for all his vows and assertions to the contrary, he couldn't prevent his eyes pivoting as he came level.

This time he was ready for what he might see, and this time he didn't make a bolt for the bathroom. In fact he stood just outside the bedroom door and mutely watched his mother at play. She lay on her back, one hand holding a breast and the other between her legs. Her head was back and her eyes were closed in obvious ecstasy as she kneaded her breast and strummed rapidly at her clit. Darren stood transfixed, ashamed of himself for spying, yet unable to take his eyes from the extremely sexy vision in front of him.

She was clearly not far from her climax, her bottom was lifting slightly from the bed, her head was rolling a little from side to side and her free hand was grasping urgently at the bedding. Then, even as Darren watched she began making the tiny whimpers that he had heard before and her pelvis started jerking against her hand, the jerks getting more vigorous and her cries louder as her orgasm got nearer. Darren knew he should go and leave her in peace. Even if it were some unrelated female it was wrong to peep, but this was his mother, his own mother, that he was watching. But his conscience fought a losing battle with his libido and he stared open mouthed and with his heart pounding, as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

When it came her orgasm was extremely powerful. Darren could see her face redden and the chords of her neck begin to stand out. Then her pelvis lifted from the bed and she remained arched, her hips and pelvis still making jerky movements against her flying fingers and her lips emitting strangled little squeaks and groans. Then she came and her bottom bounced on the bed, her head flew back and she cried out loud, an unrepressed cry of pure pleasure that must have echoed all around the house, before she slumped back on the bed, panting and shivering.

The spell broken Darren quickly withdrew, noiselessly making his way down the stairs and returning to the hall, discovering as he went that he was sporting a massive and very inconvenient hard-on. Once downstairs he adjusted the offending erection and quietly let himself out of the house before turning and unlocking the door once more.

"Hi Ma. You in?"

"Hi Darren. Yes I'm upstairs; I'll be down in a minute."

"No rush, I'll just take a shower."

The deception complete and his conscience cleared Darren went through the normal 'I'm home' tasks and then headed for the shower, seeing the spare room door firmly closed again as he passed.

His shower was one filled with confusions and mixed emotions. His erection, now released from captivity, immediately sprang fully to attention and he soaped it with a mix of pleasure and shame in equal parts. He was simply unable to dispel the vision of a mature but extremely attractive woman masturbating so wantonly and his erection would need attention.

He towelled himself dry as quickly as he could and headed for his own bedroom, making absolutely certain that the door was properly closed before dropping the bathrobe from his shoulders and lying naked on the bed.

Even though his view of his mother through the door had been from the side he now visualised her as if he was standing before her open legs and looking directly at her wet and swollen pussy. He groaned silently at this erotic image and his hand went around his shaft. He couldn't understand why the sight of his mother, who was a middle aged woman after all, had made him so damn horny. Maybe it was simply that normally she was out of reach, taboo, untouchable. He groaned again at the idea of her not being quite so untouchable, his face burning from the shame of such thoughts

Darren closed his eyes and began to gently wank, cupping his balls in one hand while running is fingers lightly along his shaft with the other, all the time keeping the image of his mother in the throes of orgasm before his eyes. He could visualise her pussy so clearly, he could see her clitoris in his minds eye, erect and rigid, her labia swollen and open, and most of all her vagina, slick and gaping, waiting to be entered. His mind was a tumult of emotions, he was reacting to a sexually stimulating sight but feeling the humiliation of desire for forbidden fruit, the combination reinforcing his need to masturbate. Before long he was gripping his cock hard and wanking fast and furious, holding onto his sac and rolling his balls at the same time. He could feel his balls filling with cum ready to ejaculate and his cock becoming even harder as his climax came closer. He prayed she wouldn't hear him cum.

The click of the door opening was soft, as if intended not to be heard, but to Darren, listening intently for any sign of his activity being detected, it was loud and unmistakeable. His hand stopped in mid stroke and his eyes shot open. There in front of him, her hand still on the half opened door, stood his mother, just as naked as he was. He froze, unable to think what to do, his face flaring again in humiliation, his hands still wrapped around his genitals.

"Don't stop." She kept looking at him as she came a little further into the room and closed the door behind her. "I didn't."

It took a few seconds for his already confused and beleaguered mind to take in the implications of that last remark, but when it did he felt complete mortification, knowing that he had failed to cover his illicit peeping. Oh God, she had seen him watching her.

"It made me cum even better than usual." She was advancing slowly across the bedroom as she spoke.

My God, she had wanted him to see her, the door was open deliberately. The realisation hit him like a brick. So then, it didn't matter, it was alright if she let him watch her. But that didn't alter the fact of who she was, did it? Confused contradictory thoughts chased themselves through his brain, and all the time he lay rigid on the bed, his hands still covering a now softening penis.

"Now I want to watch you cum." She sat on the edge of the bed alongside him.

He lay gazing mutely at his mother sitting beside him. She really was a very attractive mature woman. Her breasts were full and, although no longer as pert as perhaps they used to be, they were not at all saggy, her very prominent nipples set in dark brown aureoles pointed aggressively forwards rather than dejectedly downward. He had seen her stomach as she had walked towards him, full and ripe without being fat, and now that she sat it showed no sign of her age, no sags, no wrinkles, no rolls of fat. Even her legs were firm and strong. She was certainly a looker, and in different circumstances... No! He stopped his train of thought in its tracks as soon as he realised where it was heading, and that his cock was responding, jerking slowly back to life.

"Let me help you."

He heard his mother's voice and watched her reach out towards him, but he didn't, couldn't, react. Even when he felt her lift his own hand away from his cock and lay it on his stomach he just submissively accepted her actions. It was as if his passivity excused her intervention. Her hand closed around his shaft and she began to wank him.

"God, your cock feels good! Isn't that nice?" He nodded his reply, still unable to react otherwise.

He was getting close to cumming before she had entered the room, and the excitement of such a forbidden touch soon had him close again. The hand on his cock was expert, fondling his head, stroking his glans as well as pistoning up and down his shaft, and it felt so good. He could feel his cock getting even harder and his balls begin to tighten, and he knew it would not be long.

"That's it dear, let it happen."

His impending climax was obvious to both of them; he was now making involuntary thrusts with his hips, pushing his cock back into his mother's hand, and his hands were clenched into white knuckled balls. He kept his eyes tight shut too, but this was to allow his mind to deny that the naked woman playing so proficiently with his cock was his own mother. He knew it, and he liked it, but his mind rebelled against it.

Suddenly he came, groaning deeply, his cock shooting gouts of cum into the air to fall back and splatter his belly and chest. His eyes came open of their own accord as he came and he gazed guiltily straight into the eyes of his smiling mother. Now there was no denying what was happening, he had fantasized of having sex with his mother and she had turned the fantasy into a kind of reality with her hand. Still pumping his spunk into the air he smiled back at her, an unspoken thank you.

The last two or three spurts of cum weren't as strong and just welled from the end of his cock, overflowing down the head and over the enveloping fingers. Darren watched it run with mounting embarrassment, as if covering her fingers with cum was an even greater sin than allowing her to wank him. But she was unperturbed and as soon as his balls were empty and the flow had stopped she took her hand from his cock and delicately licked her fingers, her eyes closing momentarily as she absorbed the taste.

"That was fabulous, and you taste good too." She looked down at him and smiled. "Now, so that you know, if my bedroom door is open, you are welcome to enter."

She bent forward and planted a quick kiss on his lips and then, without a word or a backward glance, she rose and went out of the bedroom.

Darren lay on his bed without stirring, letting his mind try and cope with what had happened, and to try and get the image out of his brain of her beautiful backside swaying through the door. His mother had initiated the action and made it clear that she would like a repeat, but how far did she want things to go, and how far was he prepared to let them? He had no answer to either question. Besides that, not only did he find her attractive as a woman, but the fact that any intimate contact between them was prohibited only made it more enticing.
He cleaned himself up and got dressed, deciding to push the matter to the back of his mind for the time being at least.

For the next day or so everything returned to normal, and then it was the weekend and he felt protected by Debbie's presence, but on Sunday evening he made up his mind to find out just what his mother was up to. He caught her alone in the hall as she made her way to the lounge.

"Mother, about the other night....." He began, but she interrupted.

"It's alright Darren, I won't tell anyone if you don't," With that she leaned forward and playfully squeezed his balls before giggling girlishly and walking off into the lounge, leaving Darren gobsmacked. He was more perplexed than ever.

Monday evening came and he tried again to talk to his mother while Debbie was working. Once again his concerns were dismissed.

"Don't worry, dear. It was just a bit of fun, and it's our little secret." She retreated to her room, perhaps knowing that Darren wouldn't dare follow.

On Tuesday evening Darren arrived home and climbed the stairs somewhat nervously. But this time her door was firmly shut and, with mixed relief and disappointment, he went to shower, thrusting his dirty clothes into the laundry bin and stepping gratefully under the warm water.

He never saw his mother enter; in fact he only became aware of her presence when another hand began to soap his back. The sudden contact made him jump and spin around, to be confronted by his mother, naked once again and with a shower cap covering her blonde hair. This was clearly premeditated, but somehow he didn't care, the idea of showering with her suddenly became quite appealing.

"Turn around dear, and let's start on your back." He did as he was told.

It was strangely pleasant having his mother wash his back, sort of comfortable and nice to have her soapy hands running over his skin. It had been a good few years since the last time this had happened, but he was facing away from her nudity and it still didn't seem wrong at all. Even when her hands reached his bottom and were lightly rubbing against his cheeks he felt no shame or embarrassment, and his cock remained docile and limp.

But then one of her hands, warm, wet and soapy, slid into his crack and began washing between his cheeks, slippery fingers investigating and caressing his anus and his scrotum. That did have an effect, his cock immediately jerked into life and he instinctively planted his feet further apart to allow a more intimate exploration.

"Is that nice, Darren?"

"Yes, M..." Somehow he couldn't bring himself to call her 'mother' in such circumstances.

"Call me 'Jenny' if it helps." She understood his difficulty. "Is that nice too?" She had reached around with her other hand and was running warm sudsy fingers over his stomach, standing slightly to one side of him in order to reach, her nakedness just entering his peripheral vision.

"Yes, M... Jenny, very!" It felt a little awkward using her given name, but maybe not so embarrassing as calling her 'mother' at such a moment. And her hand did feel very nice against his skin.

She moved back till she was standing directly behind him and then moved in closer, sharing the shower and letting her body rest against his back as she reached around to soap his front with both hands. He couldn't help it, he just closed his eyes, let the warm water sluice over him and enjoyed the feel of wet hands on his chest and hard pointy nipples pressed against his back.

His mother's hands travelled around his body, playing with his nipples even as her own were pressed hard against him. She pulled him back against her so that he could feel her front against his back, her legs against his and even the tuft of her pubic hair on his bum cheek, then she ran sudsy palms across his stomach, allowing her fingertips to make the slightest of contacts with the base of his cock before moving away again. Darren surrendered to her attentions, no longer caring who was doing such wonderful things but just wanting the sensations to continue. The soap, the hands, the water, all three combined into a most erotic, sensual feeling, making his cock stand rigid and desperate to be touched.

When she did touch him he growled with pleasure, no longer concerned about who was fondling him, just that it felt so damn good. For several minutes she played with his cock, circling the head of his cock with warm wet fingers, caressing it with a soapy palm and then pumping at his shaft, making him squirm from the intensity of it all. Then she turned him around, pressed her belly against his erection and embraced him, holding him close to her, letting her entire body press against his before kissing him in a very non-maternal way full on the mouth. His arms encircled her and he pulled her to him, holding her tight against him and returning the kiss with interest. Eventually the water over their faces and the passion of the kiss made them break apart and gasp for breath.

"Wash me, please Darren." She stood before him holding her arms away from herself in invitation.

Darren was confused by his own feelings, repelled by what he was doing but overwhelmed by the lust that made him do it, He gazed long and hard at his mother's wet flesh, part of him longing to caress her as she had caressed him, and part of him shouting 'incest' in his ear. But eventually lust won and his hand went for the shower gel.

He began as she had by soaping her back, marvelling at the soft smooth feel of her skin under his hand, skin made slippery and sensuous with the soap. His hands slid easily over her, and the more he covered her back with suds the less his mind objected, until by the time he had reached the curves of her bottom he was breathing heavily and lost to his own arousal.

"Oh, that's lovely Darren; do me all over, everywhere." He instantly understood the meaning in the word 'everywhere' and his cock twitched with anticipation.

Without saying anything else his mother now turned to face him, still holding her arms out from her sides, letting him know that she was submitting to his touch and was fully available. His mouth dried at the thought and his heart began to pound. Would he have the nerve to do what she obviously invited, and did he really want to?

He soaped his hands again and cupped her breasts, rubbing soap all over them, feeling their soft firm weight in his slippery palms, her nipples feeling bullet hard against his hand. She moaned softly and closed her eyes. His hands now roamed her front at will, travelling over flesh made slippery with soap from the smooth strength of her arms to the gentle swell of her belly, and even on down until his fingers encountered the first tight curls of her pubic hair. At that point his nerve failed him and he hastily retreated to the comparative safety of her abdomen.

"No, don't stop there."

His mother shifted her weight to stand with her feet further apart, the message clear. Reassured by her repeated invitation and with his heart pounding hard with excitement, Darren ran his hand down her belly, on over her pubic mound and cupped her pussy in his fingers. She hung her arms around his neck for support and opened her legs even wider, groaning softly in her need.

Darren massaged her pussy with soapy fingers, feeling her labia open to his touch and her clitoris standing proud and hard as his fingers passed over it. But he was now after the main prize and wriggled two fingers between her pussy lips, searching for and finding her vagina, then pausing briefly as if expecting to be forbidden before plunging deeply into her. She cried out with his invasion, holding tighter to his neck and thrusting herself against his fingers.

Her legs were spread as wide a standing position would allow and she hung onto him to save from falling, pressing her cheek against his nipple and rubbing her face on his chest hair. He was thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy, slowly and uncertainly at first, then with more speed and power as she began to moan and whimper with pleasure. Soon she was moving with him, rubbing herself against his hand as it entered her and squirming slightly as if to ensure the deepest possible penetration.

Darren was wondering nervously if he dare replace his fingers with something more intimate, more sexual, and infinitely more incestuous, but as he hesitated she began to cry out as an orgasm hit her, and he had missed his chance. But as she came she pushed herself against him, deliberately rubbing her hip on his cock, and he knew that sooner or later it could happen.

After her climax was over his mother – he was still reluctant to think of her as Jenny – clung to him for long minutes while she got her breath back and while he adjusted to the thought of what he had just done and, more importantly, what he had just contemplated doing. Then she looked up at him and smiled a shy little smile that reflected her own uncertainties about their actions. Then she took a deep breath and removed her arms from around his neck and took his hands in hers.

"Thank you Darren, I needed you to do that. Now I know that I'm a still a woman." She smiled wanly before looking down at his unused erection. "Now it's only fair that I return the favour."

As she said that Darren expected her to take him in her hand and wank him, but she made his heart race in unbelieving anticipation as she knelt before him and opened her mouth. Her lips were as expert as her hands had been and she drew amazing sensations from his cock with her tongue swirling around the head while her mouth rose and fell on his shaft. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before he felt his balls tighten and his climax threatened to overwhelm him.

"I'm going to cum." He looked down as he uttered his warning but there was no discernable reaction. "I'm going to cum, very soon," He repeated and a little nod affirmed that he had been heard.

She made no attempt to take him from her mouth and seconds later he was flooding her with cum, sending spurt after thick spurt into her. She slurped and gobbled, but somehow she coped, never breaking from the rhythm of her mouth on his shaft and never spilling a drop of his spunk. He was gratefully impressed and still a not little surprised to find his respectable mother did oral sex and swallowed. He couldn't remember having seen a sexier sight than when he looked down through water cascading from his body over the head of his mother bobbing up and down his shaft.

Dinner that evening was a quiet affair and each of them was occupied with their own thoughts. Darren was mulling over the days events again, as he supposed, so was his mother. He had managed to get his brain around the incestuous manner of their behaviour and was able to regard his mother just as a sexy older woman, simply because to think otherwise would be unbearable to his inbuilt moral code. He had also accepted that they would sooner or later take that final step and fuck, something he both longed for and dreaded. What was bothering him now was Debbie. Because whichever way you looked at it, he was cheating on her and with them all living under the same roof she was bound sooner or later to find out.

After dinner they both sat on the sofa watching television, though Darren could not have said what was showing if he had been asked. He was still thinking fondly of the blow job he had received from his mother, especially the moment when his cum had surged into her mouth. That, he thought, was the defining moment of their liaison, because that was when it had turned from a bit of fun that either could pull back from, to a full on incestuous relationship. It was also a moment of knee buckling pleasure and one when he first came in any woman's mouth other than Debbie's. Even the memory was making his cock rise again, forming a bulge in his jeans that he made no attempt to hide.

For a while they both sat in silence, though he was sure from one or two surreptitious sideways glances that his mother was aware of his erect state. He wasn't sure what he expected, but he wanted her to know how he felt and to know that he was willing if she was. All the way through it was his mother who had taken the lead, and that suited Darren fine, allowing him mentally to load any blame on her. He knew that if she was interested, she would react to his unspoken offer.

Suddenly she rose to her feet and held her hand out to him.

"Shall we go upstairs?"

He nodded mutely and stood up, ignoring her proffered hand but following tamely as she led the way up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she opened her bedroom door and stood aside or him to enter, following him in and shutting the door firmly and deliberately behind her. He stood waiting uncertainly in the middle of the room, knowing full well why they were there but unwilling to commit himself to that knowledge.

She left the door and walked up to him, reaching out as she got close enough to stroke his rigid cock through the fabric of his jeans.

"Would you like to use that on me properly?" She asked, simplifying the question by continuing. "Will you fuck me?"

"Yes, I will, I want it too." Just for once he took the lead and began to undress, pulling his tee-shirt over his head.

She smiled happily and unzipped the back of her dress.

As soon as they were both naked she lay on the bed and smiled up at him, then opened her legs and stretched out her arms towards him, making sure there could be no ambiguity in her invitation. He looked down at her, noticing that her pussy, outlined in curly dark hair, was wet and slick in confirmation of her arousal. He moved forward to lie on top of her, now in no doubt of her intention.

He sank down into her arms, positioning himself between her legs then reached down to guide himself into her, placing the tip of his cock just at the entrance to her vagina.

"That's it Darren darling, do it to me."

She was whispering in his ear, her arms wrapped around him, holding him tight. He pushed, hard, sliding his cock deep into her pussy in one powerful thrust. 'That's it,' he thought, 'now I'm doing it, now I'm fucking my own mother.' She cried out, a deep cry of joy as he entered her.

"Ooooh, yes. Fuck me darling, fuck your mother."

She began to move against him, matching his thrusts.

"Harder darling, fuck me harder. Push it right up my cunt, fill me with your cock." She was gasping her words from arousal and his thrusts into her, inflaming him with her dirty talk.

"Harder Darren, harder. Fuck your mother harder. Fuck your mother's cunt, push it up me. Don't stop till you cum, I want your spunk in me."

He was amazed and aroused by her language, he had never had such talk whispered into his ear before and her continuous reminders that he was fucking his mother was sending him crazy with lust.

"I'm going to cum soon. You're going to make your mother cum soon. I'm going to cum with your cock fucking my cunt."

Suddenly her grip on his back tightened, she turned her head to kiss him. She clamped her mouth tightly over his and probed deeply with her tongue while little whimpering sounds in her throat told him that she was in the throes of orgasm. He could feel her hips dancing on the bed beneath him as she came, throwing him out of rhythm and delaying his own approaching climax.

As her orgasm passed she crossed her legs over his back and pinned him to her, holding his cock deep inside her as the last waves of pleasure washed over her. Then, releasing his mouth from her kiss she moved her head to the side and began whispering in his ear once more.

"Thank you Darren. Thank you my darling. I needed that, I needed to be fucked like that, especially by you. Now don't stop, fuck me till you cum and let me feel your spunk shoot inside me."

He legs eased their grip and he began to thrust into her once again, slowly at first but the more rapidly and more forcefully as his climax loomed once again.

"That's it, keep going darling, keep fucking me, I want you to cum inside me."

Her encouragement made him hotter and hotter and brought his climax closer. Soon he felt his balls grow heavy as his spunk gathered for his ejaculation.

"I'm going to cum, ma."

"That's good, darling, shoot into me; give me all you've got. Let your mother take all your spunk into her cunt."

Darren was not usually noisy lover, but this time he let out an almost animal like roar as his cum flooded from his cock in surge after surge, deep into his mothers body, filling her cunt as she has asked. As he came he pushed himself hard into her, flattening her body, driving the breath from her lungs, making her gasp from the force of it. Then, as his orgasm slowly subsided he collapsed on top of her, a panting, sweaty heap, his slowly softening cock still inside her cum filled passage.

Then, without warning, still lying limply across his mother's body, Darren began to laugh, a nervous, tension releasing giggle that brought a look of alarm to his mother's face.

"What the matter darling?"

"Nothing really, it just occurred to me that there can't be many men who have committed their first incest and adultery both in one evening."

"And there can't be many men who have given so much pleasure to themselves and their mother both in one evening, either." She retorted.

They lay together quietly for a little while longer, wrapped in each others arms and each deep in their own thoughts until, by mutual silent consent, they disentangled themselves and showered together, parting with an affectionate kiss as each went to their own room in search of clean clothes.

Hours later, Darren lay beside Debbie, staring into the dark and wrestling with his guilty thoughts. He desperately wanted to confess what had happened, but just didn't have the nerve. Then abruptly, the light came on and a sleepy Debbie was looking at him, concern clear on her face.

"What's the matter, sweetheart? Can't you sleep?"

He looked across at her dolefully. "There's something I need to tell you, Debs, but I don't know how to start."

"Can I help out with a guess?"

He gave a short barking laugh. "I doubt it, not even in your wildest dreams."

"Well I'll guess anyway. You spent this evening fucking Jenny, yes?"

Darren stared at his wife open-mouthed.

"Don't worry, sweet, she told me it was likely to happen soon, and she winked at me when I came home tonight, so I knew really."

"You knew?" Darren echoed in disbelief.

Debbie gave him a reassuring smile. "Yes, we'd discussed it after you caught her playing with herself that first night."

"You discussed it?" Darren was in danger of becoming a parrot, so great was his astonishment.

"Yes, you see, Jenny seduced me years ago, before we were married even, and she and I have been lovers on and off ever since." Debbie reached out and took her husband's hand in hers. "And now she's living with us, we thought it would be nice if we could all share each other openly."

Darren was gobsmacked.

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