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My aunt Mira
My sex was my computer; my lust was girls, well not the real ones. I was too afraid of them.
I watched a lot of porn, and it all changed for me when I saw Rocco. He was the one that never gave a damn what the woman thought, just went with the instinct. I always had respect for the caliber of man that ones roamed the earth and took what he needed no remorse ,no pausing, just that smooth flow of sexual energy, not like the modern metro crap guy.
I changed one day, well she did, changed me…it was my aunt. My aunt Mira.
It was by accident, I heard those words passing by her on my way to the market, she was talking to my mom; he’s such a nice boy..i just hope he doesn’t get taken by one of those possessive women.

Damn that hurt, even I knew I was nice, but the label spoken out of the words of my beautiful aunt was hurting me, I fell apart then and there.
Got home, went into my room and fell into a bad mood, felt like listening to some grunge and then blow my brains out. I was 21 my aunt was 38, women were a mystery to me, I only got lucky 3 times before and it was because the girl initiated it. I knew things had to change or the shape of my head will!

My mom called me one day to take something to Mira; she was kind of surprised to hear I was not willing to go. But your aunt is so nice to you; she always was, wasn’t she? Yeah I thought in my head she is nice, but by now I hated that word, I was brewing inside.

I went to my room and scrabbled over the word nice in my dictionary, I've had it!
I finally got my courage to get my ass over there, grabbed my bike, and took me 15min just enough to loose my breath for climbing that hill that overlooks the whole valley. I was greeted by her 18 year old daughter Nina; she was on her way out. Hey, how are you she said, are you here to help my mom?

I said, no, just brought a couple of things, and you? She didn’t answer just look at me and said; what is your girlfriend’s name? I was stunned; even she was making fun of me. I said she knows you and passed through… Mira welcomed me in a tight dress that was exposing her curves especially her ass and she had some to show. I said, are you going anywhere, and she replied; I was, but he got caught up.

Glad you could come, I am making myself a pie, would you like some? I said yes and thought, hey maybe I will fantasize about her with the pie when I got home. She did not waste any time, and said you are such a nice boy, I like to bake for a nice boy like you, your mom is so lucky to have you. In that moment I was 2inches tall, my confidence was stamped and I was thinking for excuses to just bail out.

She kept on blabbing how I was the most polite kid on the block and how my mom was lucky to have me.
It was like oil to the fire, I was becoming more and more angry with her, even though it was all me she was painting. She gave me a piece of pie bended over as a mom does to a child and nearly gave me a pat on the back as she took her hand on my back and asked me; Is it good? I nodded all shrunk looking, feeling like Al Bundy’s son.

Damn I was athletic, had some muscle, but my experience was stamped on my head for all to see, I might as well just engrave an L on my forehead and end all speculations.
It was pathetic, I hit a new all time low, but my heart got stronger, its looks like was falling all these years and hit the ground, there was nowhere down, the light was up above…

In a heartbeat I was up on my feet, charging towards her, even tho she could not see me, she was talking rubbish with her back towards me, I grabbed her, turned her around and bitch slapped her, she screamed so hard and broke the plate she was holding, all gasping with air looked at me like she saw a ghost.
I was surprised by my reaction more than she was, but I did not hesitate and just bend her over and started to rip her clothes off, she was shocked couldn’t even say anything out loud, just; what is wrong with you?

I said everything is fine for the first time, as I ripped her panties with my hands and stuck my finger in her pussy, she was soaking wet, as the adrenalin was running high. I said you don’t get fucked much do you Mira, you will be fucked ,and you will be fucked hard. She kept saying what is wrong with me, but I just stuck my head between those cheeks and started licking and sniffing her ass, damn the smell of a pussy that is not cleanly washed got me hard in an instant, I grabbed her by the tights and started to bite her on the ass really hard, she stopped the bullshit conversation but tried to grab my head instead. I felt so strong like never before, it was not me at that moment, I was Rocco and I liked my new self, I was not asking for permission.
Woman knows when she is out powered by a man and stops playing coy when his intentions are out in the open.
She saw that fighting me was not an option, as I licked her pussy and started to tongue her ass, she started to moan. I slowly got up and she was looking me all the way up as I was a stranger not somebody she new, I finally did it. You will obey me wont you Mira, she said; I don’t know what do you mean?
I mean, you will do as I say, no questions asked, get on your knees, now! She obeyed and as I pulled my pants down she was looking up in my eyes like a little girl, this was bliss, total domination! Slowly start sucking, I want you to fall in love with my cock, I want you to take me like a porn star!
She started slowly, all hesitant, I said no, no, let me show you, and grabbed her by the head and forcefully put my cock in her throat, this is what I mean Mira, you will deep throat my cock any time I tell you, you little slutty Milf! She started grabbing me gasping for air and finally I let her go she said, please be gentle, I said of course, and did it again!
After a minute I slapped her again twice over her face opened her mouth with my hand and spit in it, you fucking little slut, you like me doing this to you don’t you? She said slowly, yes, yes… I grabbed her and carried her into the bedroom, took the rest of my clothes off, got her into doggy and started fucking her, she was speechless, the only thing that was left of her was please and be gentle…
My ego skyrocketed, I felt totally empowered, and here is my aunt, all defenseless and willing to put up with my antics only because I took charge… If I was only this bold before… but I stopped my thoughts and continued to fuck her first just filing her inside and then grabbing her hair and fucking her hard.
I saw the images of Rocco’s movies and I was doing it.. I was having her licking my spit, I was having her screaming, I was alive. Every time she wanted me to stop was like an invitation for more. I loved to see her like that, loved it when she was without ammo, no more mature vs young , only power vs fragility… This is where it will always be the same, if only man be man!
So I grabbed her hair and pointed her face towards me and said, you are getting ass fucked, she could not form any words…she knew the control was all mine.
I had to taste her ass, so I started plunging in with my face, my tongue was all over her ass..Her ass like valleys over me..i was in heaven..Licking became forceeful entering, her ass was starting to relax and I was going in. She was begging for more.
Then i took my cock and slowly put just the tip in and just started teasing her, with just little strokes of in and out, she was loving it, i was getting some expansion, as her ass started to expand, tears came on her face, she was so lovely for me to see, pain and pleasure, contained within one moment, i knew i was up to something.
I said I want you to say it louder! Whose slut are you? I’m yours I’m yours! Not loud enough! I’m yours, do with me as you like…

In all my glory that day I forgot to close the door when entering…we were being watched…that little rascal Nina came back from playing too early…she forgot something, and found a strange scene…
Her mother was being fuck up her ass in front of her…she was just standing not knowing what to make of it…
I got up went to her and said; would like to help me? She said; what can I do?
I took her by the hand and gently put her by her mother’s ass. She was still plunged into doggy, her face buried down, still submissive. Not the image of an authoritative person Nina used seeing.
I said your mom has been a naughty girl! She must be punished!

Will it hurt Nina said, yes it will I replied, but you can lessen the pain!
Her bright eyes were like angels, I was going to be the father figure here, guiding her through her experience of what a men needs to be, she was surprisingly calm and I figured that it was in her DNA to submit to a more powerful sexual figure.

If you wanna help your mother you must spit every now and then on her ass, you see this hole and I spread her cheeks, exposing the gaping ass of Mira, she was all loosened up, my cock did damage.
Nina looked into an opened ass, and her gorgeous red inside was showing, it was something to see; I spit right in, and said now you! She laughed and asked Mira; mom is it okay?
Do as he says! Nina slowly goes near the whole and spits in! She looks at me as if this is a game.
Now the fun starts, I slowly put my cock in and start to fuck her first slowly and after a minute a I bring the pace up, Mira starts to breathe heavily and moans, please, be gentle, again that word, I cannot help it, but plunge even deeper, my cock now engorged by her ass, Nina is just transfixed and looking at me, as I say more spit Nina, more ,and she spits in her ass, the saliva slowly starts to work as the lube, Nina begs please don’t hurt mum, but it only gives me more passion, as I start using my hips to ram my cock in, Mira starts screaming, words I cannot understand, she looks like she is in trance, I grab her by the hair again and spit in her face, smother her with my hand, and keep the hard penetration going, Nina begs for me to stop, and in that moment, explosion of squirt all over me and Nina, she was exhausted, and started to scream what was that?

You just had your first squirt Mira, it's Ok i want more, and i put my cock back and start to pump even more liquid out of her, she was like a spray gun, it was fantastic..
Nina started to moan please stop it, she can't go any longer.
No Nina your mom must pay for being such a bad girl, you were bad Mira weren’t you?
Yes, yes, please punish me, the words are loud and strong, the master is being recognized. Nina started to cry, will Mum hurt? Yes she must! More spit Nina! Help her!
This went on for 10 minutes, I was getting exhausted by the effort and so was Mira, so I stopped and laid back and let her suck my cock while Nina was watching, she really went deep, her eyes were always on me while she was going for the deep throat.
There was another fantasy not fulfilled, and I wanted to know what it felt like, I got my legs up in the air, grabbed her by the head and put her head in my ass cheeks, now rim my ass Mira, do it now!
She started to put her tongue, licking me, it felt so weird at first but then I let go, she was totally cleaning my ass, I had never had such an intense feeling on my ass, I was surprised…
Slowly she grabbed my cock and started to jerk me while she was licking my ass, I was going to cum, she saw my balls were constricting, a clear sign I was about to cum, but she started to gently nimble on my ass and tights, asking me do I like this?
I was cumming all the time in my mind but now my sack was about to explode, I turned her into doggy again, and just started spraying all over her ass and pussy, this was a volcano, I never had so much, Nina was staring to laugh and in all excitement asked; what is that?
I said its nectar, now lick it all! She asked mum can I lick his nectar?
Yes lick it all, and so she did, started to lick my cum from her ass. Slowly but surely, it was looking like true anal stories , all of the cum was slowly disappearing from Mira’s ass into the little mouth of Nina.
After that we just sat back on the bed and just relaxed ourselves, I don’t know who was more surprised, but one more was coming up, the door bell rang, I heard my mom shouting , it’s me open up, damn do they always appear when they are not wanted?
We got up dressed up, Mira said to Nina go open up ill be in the kitchen, no word to his mom, ok?
Nina just smiled and said, don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul, it’s our little secret mum, isn’t it?
Yes she replied, now go answer the door, I sat back in the couch, while Nina ran to open the door.
My mom greeted Nina with hello and how come you haven’t cleaned up your mouth from drinking milk?
Man that was scary, if she only new….

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