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Loving Son
This story is about my Ammi (mother) and me. Her name is Zeenat. My Father, Mustaq Ali got married with her at very young age. Within year my oldest brother, Imran bhai (Brother in Urdu) was born when she was only eighteen, after year later my sister, Shabnam aapa (sister in Urdu)) was born. When my mother was twenty she gave birth to me, Salim. We are typical Muslim family living here in Bombay.

My father was a quiet person who has got some export business. He used to go every morning for work and would come back late at night. Initially my father and mother were enjoying their marriage life. But after having three children's he apparently lost his interest in my mother. After that he devoted his life for his business. Apparently due to his business he ignored my mother lately. My mother became quiet after that. But he still loves my mother and she respected and loved him too. They laugh and make jokes some times but not like earlier days. Even though she was always cheerful I know there was some sadness in her.

My older brother, Imran bhai wasn't interested in the study and school. He was more interested in hanging around with bad boys, always staying out of home, my parent tried to change his bad habits and things but he never changed. After that they leave him on his own destiny. My sister, Shabnam aapa was serious person like father and was good in the school. Her life was reserved within our house, study and few girlfriends. I was more cheerful compared to others, always talking, Studying seriously, helping everybody.

Since the beginning I like my Ammi very much and helping her kept me close to her. Due to my nature Ammi was always expecting help from me although Sabanam aapa was there for help. I was always with her, making fun, talking with her. She always appreciates what I was doing as it helps her to relieve her tension. After dinner when everybody goes to sleep I used to stay in the kitchen with Ammi, helping her clean the dishes, talking about everything. She would always phrase me and tell me that I was very mature for my age. We were very close that we talked about every thing, likes, dislikes, and even personal feelings.

When I was 18, I started developing interest in girls and sex. Staying around my mother I realise that she was a sexy woman. I began to watch Ammi in a different way. She had long black hair, which reached up to her hips. Even after having three children still she had a shapely body. Her face was attractive with bright black eyes. Her skin was fare and glowing. I started to watch my mother as an attractive woman and desire her. Now when she hug me I could feel her luscious breast and body rubbing against me, which makes me excite.

I began to tell Ammi how she looks and how she's beautiful. She blushes when she would hear compliments from me. I started to bring flowers or Gajara for her, which she would happily, wears in her hair. Some time I would bring her perfume or Ittar, which she put on her every time in the house. I was trying to show her in every way that how she's beautiful women and how much I love her. She always appreciates my love. Imran bhai and Shabnam aapa used to call me milky boys that still I need mother and always staying around her. But I didn't care.

Every Saturday evening Ammi used to go for weekly shopping and I used to accompany her. After purchasing we used to go to sea face and walk from one end to all the way other end. While walking with her I would innocently lean against her or hold her hands. After reaching at the other end we would sit in the rocky area along the sea face, mostly avoiding crowd. Some time if she sits quietly I would put my arm around her shoulder at which she would lean back and rest her head against my shoulders. We would talk, laugh and tease each other. After we would get back at home by bus. I knew that she likes to spend our weekend time like that together.

One day we were walking on sea face, talking and laughing. We saw one boy and girl at my age, holding each other's hand passed from us. Ammi saw them and looked at me and smiled. I also smiled back but couldn't understand why she smiled. We reached our sitting spot, sat and relaxed.

After some time Ammi asked me smilingly, "Salim! Did you walk with any girl like them? Don't you fall in love with any girl? Do you have any girlfriend?" "Ammi" I answered immediately without thinking much about it, "as far as I remember I walk only with you like that. I have tried to express my feeling to some girls but always think about you. I think you are my girlfriend."

She pulled her head back in surprise looked at me and then looked away silent.

"Ammi, did I say something wrong". I asked worriedly. "We should go home now," she said after a long silence.

In my mind I blamed myself for saying what I said, but knew that now when I told my true feeling to her there was no turning back. I decided to go further.

"Ammi, I don't know I'm wrong or right but really I am in love with you and I will do anything to make you happy."

The silence continued for some time and then she looked at me sadly. "You are my son, Salim. This type of love should not happen between a mother and son. What other will think if they knew?"

"Ammi," I replied in desperation, "I am really loving you. I don't know what others will think but at least will you think seriously about what I said?"

She was silent for a long time and then started crying. I felt sad about her. I pulled her to me and held her.

"Salim" she whispered, "I think we should go home."

After that Ammi stopped going to sea face with me. I requested her every time but she refused saying that I should go with girl at my age. I told her firmly that I don't want to go with any other girl but only with her. She never agreed and stopped even taking me for purchasing. This went on for a few weeks. She became silent and sad day by day. Even Imran bhai and Sabanam aapa noticed the change and asked her why she didn't go out with me any more. Mother shook her head and told them some false reason. Neither she nor I was happy about her decision.

I kept helping Ammi in her work and continue bringing her flower and perfume. She did accept them without saying or expressing her feelings. I had hope some day she'll understand my love and will change her mind. And she did. She realised in spite of her coldness towards me I never changed my mind or my love to her. One day Ammi and I were alone in the house and she was working in the kitchen. I went there and offered her help. She looked at me fondly for few seconds and couldn't hold herself any more. She hugged me and put her head on my shoulders. She phrased me for being patient and told me she appreciate my love towards her.

I hugged Ammi tightly indicating to her that with her agreement our relationship had changed. I silently but very gently caressed her back running my hands over her shoulders and over her back. She continued to rest her head over my shoulders. I pulled back and looking deep into her eyes said in a quiet voice,

"Ammijaan, I love you and I won't change my love forever".

I bent down kissed Ammi's cheeks, her neck, and then boldly placed my mouth on her lips. She did not draw back from my embrace. I was happy that at last she was responding.

After that everything changed between us. Now when I bring her flowers or perfume she would give warm kiss on my cheek. When we were alone in the house we would hugs each other tightly. I would move my hands now freely on her and gently caressed her. I would kiss her face openly and she would some time even let me kiss her lips too. We would lay down on bed and embrace each other. I would run my hand up and down her back.

Initially I was moving my hand on her back just casually but then I began to notice straps of her bra under her Kamij and after I started to feel her bra underneath. Some times casually I would slide my hand down on her buttock and feel outline of her panties. I wasn't doing that purposely or sexually but just while in the affectionate mood I would feel them and she never suspect that what I was actually feeling. It seemed that she was really missing these types of hugging and kissing from Abba.

Next Saturday I asked Ammi about going out like old days and she happily agreed. In the evening when I saw her I was stunned. She wore pink coloured Salwaar and sleeveless Kamij, which I never seen before. Her breasts and buttock were accentuated beautifully into her dress. I was excited looking at her beauty. She was looking younger than her real age of 38. While going to the market I noticed so many men stares at Ammi.

I wasn't in the mood of doing that household shopping instead I asked Ammi to go for movie. She was hesitant first but then agreed. We went to the nearby cinema theatre to watch evening movie. The movie was a sentimental romance. First half of the movie She hold tightly my hand pressing her breast on my arms and I put my hand on her thighs caressing lightly. On the second half of the movie I put my arm around Ammi while she leaned her head against my shoulders.

After movie we went to one nice restaurant to have dinner. Then after dinner as usual we went to sea face, walking all the way up to the other end. While we went to sit in the rocky area I choose secluded spot rather than our usual spot. It was a full moon night with cool atmosphere.

When we settled down I looked at Ammi and said, "Ammi, you look sexy tonight in this dress". Mother pulled her head back and replied, "Yah Alla, Salim! I am your mother. You should not use those words for your Ammi." "Oh come on, Ammijaan. I know you like when I say that. Tell me, did Abba compliment you since last couple of years?" "Whatever it is, Salim. But still I love your Abba." "Ammi, do you really love him? I see he had been ignoring you and you are unhappy with him. You are so beautiful that anybody would die to make you happy. Give me a chance, I can make you happy!" Ammi was pleased at the compliment I had paid her. She caressed my cheek, "Do you really think I am beautiful, Salim?" I smiled and replied by hugging her, "Yes Ammijaan, you are beautiful and sexy."

I hugged her tightly. Then Suddenly I bent and kissed her on lips. She draws back in surprised and said, "yah Alla! Salim? What are you doing? We're in public place and we should not do this here." I told her in desperate tone, "Ammijaan, I am sorry but you are so beautiful that I never have control on what I say you or what I do". "Salim, Just behave your self. I think we're getting late, we should go home now." Saying that mother stood up.

We got back home by bus. As we reached in our building and started to climb on staircase. I asked Ammi, "So! How was our night out after so long time?" Ammi said to me, "Movie was nice and dinner was also good. It's been long since I enjoy such a good time." "I'm glad, you like that, Ammi," I said happily, "do you think I deserve something for that?" "Why not! What you want, Mere Lal?" she asked me.

By this time we reached at forth floor at our flat's door. We stopped outside our flat and continue talking slowly.

"Ammi! When we were at sea-face you said we should not do this in public place. Now we're not in public place and I want to hug you and kiss you." "Where? Here?" she asked me screaming slowly. "No, Not her. Inside." I replied. "Inside? Everybody must be inside. How its possible?" "Then, how about going up at terrace door?"

Ammi got confused. At first she protested saying that someone would come up there.

I replied quietly but firmly, "Ammijaan, I love you as I have never loved anyone before. I just want to kiss you all the time". "Salim, mere Lal, I love you too! But I am your mother and whatever is there I still love your Abba!" "Ammi", I whispered, "All we'll do is kissing I don't see any harm in that. Come on!"

I didn't give her chance to say anything and hold her hand. Then I pulled her and started to climb stairs to terrace. We are living at the last floor in our building and staircase was going further at terrace. At terrace door it was kind of room with privacy. We reached at the terrace door.

"Salim, what's this madness? She asked worriedly. "Don't worry, Ammi. Terrace door is locked and nobody will come upstairs at this time." I replied her.

It was full moon night there were moon light coming from ventilator on the wall above man height. I pushed Ammi to stand opposite wall of ventilator so moonlight was directly beaming on her. Ammi and I stood there for few second looking in to each other's eyes. Then I hugged her immediately. She also embraced me and started to move her hand in my hair from back of my neck. I hugged her so tightly pulling her on my body that she moaned in pleasure. Then I pulled back and started to kiss her on her shoulder to neck, then her cheeks, and then put my lips boldly on her lips. Her body stiffened when she felt my lips. I started to kiss her mouth madly.

I was all over her face; I kissed Ammi's cheeks, her eyes, her nose and back to her lips. While kissing her I opened my mouth and started to lick her lips with my tongue. She draws back with surprised. Before giving her chance to say anything I began kissing and licking her mouth. This time Ammi did not draw back but remained stiff in my arms. I continued to kiss her with more and more passion. Suddenly she pressed back her lips with equal pressure against my lips. At last I could see proper response from her. I pressed my luck and gently probed her mouth with my tongue and she opened her lips. We then started to suck each other's tongue.

As I was kissing my mother I was moving my hand up and down on her back. While moving my hand I felt strap of her bra from above her Kamij. I move my hand up and down some times feeling her bra strap and then started to trace her bra through her dress. I was tracing her bra then pulling her bra strap with her dress. She felt me playing with her bra. Then she slapped me on my back moaning and indicating what I was doing. All the time we were kissing. I pulled my hand from Ammi's back to front and gently put on her breast.

She stiffened pulled away from my lips and whispered, "Salim, I don't think we should do this".

But I cut off any further protest by forcing her lips back into mine. I continued caressing Ammi's breasts from above her dress. They were firm and felt wonderful in my hands. I knew Ammi was getting excited because she began to moan as kiss back with greater intensity. I slide my both hands again on her back and moved up and down for a while. Then suddenly I reached down at the hem of her kamiz and insert my hands in. slowly I brought my hand up on her bare back inside the dress. Ammi moaned again in my mouth indicating her disagreement.

Inside her Kamiz, I caressed her bare back for a while then again I brought my hands in front and placed then on her bra-cupped breast. Ammi moaned again with disagreement but still kissing me she slide her hand in the kamiz trying to remove my hand from her breast. But I kept caressing her breast. She surrenders me and removes her hand and kept kissing me.

We were kissing and fondling like that around ten minutes. I brought my mouth near her ear and whispered,

"Ammi, I want to see your breast". "What? Are you crazzy, Salim?" "No I'm not, Please Ammi, show me your breast". "Yah Alla, Salim, do you know what you're asking to your mother?" "Oh come on Ammijaan, don't be so shy. It isn't like I never seen them before. In fact I sucked them when I was baby". "Yes Mere Lal, I know I feed you with them but you were baby at that time. But now you are grown up, Salim". "For you I'm always baby, Ammi. Come on don't disappoint me, Please show me your breast".

Saying that I started to raise her Kamiz from front. She pleaded me for a while holding my hand but I never gave up and pulled up her Kamiz. Again she surrenders and leaves my hands. I move her Kamiz up exposing her bra-cupped breast. In the milky moonlight those black bra clad breast was looking magnificent. I tried to cup her breast in my both hands but her Kamiz fall on her breast. I tugged them again up but its fall down every time I cupped her breast. I asked Ammi to hold her Kamiz and to my surprised she held it.

It was such an erotic site! Here I was with my mother, who's standing against the wall holding her Kamiz up exposing her full breast for me and I was cupping them with my hand. I fondle Ammi's breast for a while and then slide my hand at the back on her bra hooks. She stiffened when she sensed that but remain calm. I tried to unhook her bra but I couldn't. I fumbled with her bra hook pulling and tossing trying to remove it. Ammi realised my problem and whispered,

"Wait! Wait Salim! Don't get so rough. You'll tear my bra," saying that she left her kamiz and brought her hands on the back to remove hooks of her bra. Dress failed again on her breast blocking my view. I hold her Kamiz again up exposing her breast while she was removing hooks of bra. When she unhooked her bra she brought her hands at front and pulled her bra cups above exposing her naked breast for me.

"Wow!" I cupped her bare breast trying to hold them full in my hands, "they are beautiful, Ammi!" "Yah Alla! Forgive me!" Ammi said, "I can't believe I'm doing this with my own son".

I ignored Ammi's comments and was busy with fondling her breast. I was kneading them, cupping them and squeezing them. I started to play with her nipple holding them in my thumb and forefinger. It's immediately got hard and erect. When I pinched them Ammi moaned in pleasure (or pain? I didn't know).

"You know! Its so embarrassing, Salim, holding my dress up exposing my breast for my son. That's also out side the house. Do you have any idea what will happened if we get caught?" "Nobody's going to caught us, Ammi. Just relax!" "Relax? Are you crazy? We're all ready late, Salim. We should go in the house." Just for a while, Ammi," I kept fondling her breast ignoring her complaint.

Suddenly Ammi left her dress and hold my hand firmly removing from her breast. She pulled back and said, "Salim we must stop and should go down". I realised it's not wise to press my luck any further and spoil our mood. So I said, "Ok Ammi! Will go down".

Ammi then tugged her breast in bra and hooked it and straightens her Kamiz. We started descending staircase. I was silent at that time. Ammi asked me slowly,

"Salim, are you disappointed because I stopped you?" "Not really, Ammi. Its OK, Never mind". "Listen Mere Lal, what we were doing was wrong and outside the house was absolutely wrong" "What about then inside the house?" I asked her slowly. "But... somebody could wake up, Mere Lal" Ammi got confused again. "Ammi! I really want to spend more time with you. How about going to my room. We can lock the door. Abba I'm sure is drunk and won't come to search you".

Ammi was silent for a few seconds. I was surprised when she nodded her head in agreement. I was so excited that I hugged her right there but she pushed me side telling to be patient.

We reached down at our flat's door. Ammi got out key from her purse and opened the door. We entered in the house and I closed the door behind. House was dark and calm.

Ammi whisper in my ear, "I'll go and get fresh quickly. Also I'll check whether your Abba slept or not. You Go to your room and wait for me".

I went in my room change in kurta/ pyjama and waited for Ammi excitedly. After around 15 minutes my room door opened and Ammi walked in. She closed the door and locked it. She came up to me and said,

"Your Abba is snoring fast sleep as usual drunk". "That's good! Then you don't have to rush back soon in your room, Ammi". "Salim, We should not do this as I have never cheated your Abba". "I know" I replied "But Ammi, trust me I would never hurt you. I love you as I have never loved anyone before". "Oh Salim, mere Sahajade!" Ammi said and kissed me on the cheek.
I sank with Ammi on my bed and began kissing her. The kisses grew more and more heated and I could feel Ammi's excitement through her dress (she was still wearing same Salwar/Kamiz). My hands were now rowing all over her body caressing her breasts few seconds then her back and then rubbing her ass the next.

While moving my hand on Ammi's back I reached up at the neck of her Kamiz and started pulling zipper of dress down. Ammi went rigid for a few seconds but then she relaxed. I swiftly undid the zipper while kissing her. I pulled aside two sides of her Kamiz at the back and caressed her bare back. Then I moved my hand down on her waist and started to pull her Kamiz up. Ammi even raised her buttock to make me easy to remove her Kamiz, which was trapped under her ass. I pulled up and removed her Kamiz as quickly as possible All the time I continued kissing her. I reached back and unsnapped her bra.

Again Ammi weakly protested and whispered, "Mere Lal, think of your Abba".

I knew we were far too gone to think of anything else. I cut her off with another open-mouthed kiss. Suddenly I felt Ammi's naked breasts were pressed against my chest. I could even felt her nipple, which was digging hole in my chest. I reached up and began to fondle Ammi's breast. They felt soft and sexy. I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth and began to lick and suck. Ammi moaned in passion. Her nipples were long, thick and were erect in excitement.

"Ammijaan! You're beautiful. I love you," I declared.

I continued kissing all the way to Ammi's navel savouring the slightly salty taste of her sweaty body. She gave an audible squeak of pleasure. While kissing her belly I moved my hand at the edge of her salawar. Then slowly undid string of her salawar. I reached her belly button with my tongue and began to kiss and lick it as she pushed her belly and buttock up to me in pleasure. Taking advantage of that as she raised her buttock up I slide her salawar down her waist. It was still jammed under lower part of her buttock and thighs. As I kissed and lick Ammi's deep navel she occasionally raised herself up and I was pulling her salwar all the time down. At last I was succeeded to slide her salawar down up to her feet.

I began to stroke her naked legs up and down, all the while kissing her belly button. Her legs were firm to touch. Slowly my hand inched further and further inside her thighs. Her thighs felt firm and soft. Ammi stiffened as my hand reached the edge of her panties. She pressed her thighs together trying to prevent me to reach her private part. I raised my face up at her face and sought her lips and gently forced them open with my tongue. Ammi moaned into my mouth. She relaxed and opened her thighs in response.

I reached at Ammi's crotch and started to caress her pussy. She wasn't protesting anymore. I was in heaven! Ammi, my mother, the woman of my dreams, the same woman who gave birth my brother and sister, the woman who had birthed me was letting me make love to her. I caressed her pussy through her panties. I felt her clit and began to rub it. Ammi moaned in pleasure. I could feel the moistness seep through her panties.

I pulled my hands out from her pussy. I stood up, removed my T-shirt and tugged my short down with my underwear. My cock sprung out and was hard as iron. I slid down Ammi's body until my mouth was pressed against the crotch of her panties. Only the panties separated her bush from my mouth. I inhaled deeply breathing in the intoxicating aroma of her juices mixed with the faint smell of urine. Her pussy hair was stuck out the side of her panties. She wasn't trimming her hair down there. I began to lick Ammi's pussy from above her panties as she, wiggled in excitement. I began to test her juices that seeped through her panties. I reached up and hooked my fingers inside the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. Suddenly Ammi jerked up.

"Yah Alla! No!" she said. "I'm your mother and I should not do this with my own son. I don't want to cheat your Abba." "Ammijaan, I love you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I know it's unusual for a mother and son to be sexually involved. All I know is if you love some one its natural to make love them." "But Salim, mere Lal, what if someone finds out." "Oh Ammijaan, we can be careful and nobody will know our secret." "But Salim..."

I kissed her before she could complete her sentence. I kissed her hair, her eyes and once again lowered my mouth to her full lips. Suddenly Ammi went limp in my arms. She began to kiss back with more passionate intensity. Our tongues duelled with each other.

I reached down and tugged Ammi's panties down her thighs. This time she did not resist. I pulled them off her feet and threw them on the floor. She immediately reached down and covered her pussy from my lustful eyes. I gently pulled her hand away and stared at the thick dark pussy hair in a trance.

Ammi reached up and pulled me down and began to kiss me. As she was kissing me I began to gently caress and finger her pussy. I nibbled at her clit at the same time inserted my middle finger into her womanhood. Never in my dreams did I ever think that one-day my Ammi would let me pull her panties down and caress her private part. The part, which actually birthed me, forbidden part of mother son should not reach.

Ammijaan, my mother was very wet. I moved my mouth down her body to the inside of her thighs and then proceeded to kiss and lick it. I then moved my mouth up to her pubic hair and proceeded to nibble it. All the while Ammi moaned in pleasure. I licked the thick pubic hair and then proceeded to pull Ammi's pussy open. I breathed in the feminine odour of my excited mother. I stared at the inner wall and noticed the small pink hole through which she peed. I licked it. I licked the surrounding walls savouring the flavour of her very wet hole. I ran my tongue over her clit and she gasped in pleasure.

I placed a finger in Ammi's pussy and proceeded to run it in and out while eating her. Her breathing grew faster. I continued to stimulate her clit for a long time. Ammi was really wet. My fingers were drenched with her juices. Suddenly Ammi stiffened and moaned at the same time. Her body then shuddered continuously as I rapidly licked her clitoris. I knew she had climaxed. She quickly pulled me up on top of her.

"Salim, Mere Lal! That was good". She whispered shyly. "I have never had an orgasm this good. "Ammijaan! You are sexy and beautiful. This has been my fantasy to make love to you." "You really think I'm beautiful, Salim." "Yes Ammijaan! You're". "Oh Salim, Mere Sahajade...!"

Ammi reached up and pulled me down. She kissed my lips and then forced my mouth open with her tongue. At the same time she reached down and grabbed my cock and began to rub it up and down her very wet slit. She grew more and more aroused. She spread her legs wide and bought the tip of my cock and placed it against her pussy lips. I looked deep into her eyes as she began to push me into her. I wasn't much big but having respectable size for my age. Her pussy slowly opened like a flower. Ammi suddenly pushed upward and my cock slid into her pussy to the hilt. She was tight for someone who had three children.

I could feel her muscles clutching my cock. I pulled out and then slid back in one smooth motion. I then proceeded to fuck Ammi with an uncontrolled action, which never experienced before. Her body shook in rhythm to the fuck strokes. My cock was soon wet with her pouring juices. We moved as if we were made to fuck each other. Every down stroke was met with an upstroke. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the mouth of her womb with each plunge. She began to breathe heavier and heavier.

We were fucking like that about ten minutes then suddenly Ammi went rigid and clutched my ass. At the same time I began to ejaculate against her womb. I must have spilt big load in her as I felt the semen running out of her pussy.

We stayed coupled for some time regaining after our mutual orgasm, and kissing each other. I started to get excited and felt myself hardening in Ammi's pussy. I gently started to fuck back and forth in her pussy. This time I fuck my mother slowly and gently. It lasted a longer time. Ammi came this time just after I came.

"Salim, mere Lal" she said, "You are big for your age, I never experienced such a good with your Abba. I can't even remember when I had my last orgasm." I felt proud about myself. I said her, "Oh Ammijaan that's only because I love you so much" "Oh mere Sahajade, that was the best sex so far I had" Ammi remarked. "Salim, mere Lal!" Ammi whispered. "I must go back to my room. We don't want anybody find us here at this hour."

We kissed for some time whispering sweet things to each other. She then got up cleaned her self.

"Ammijaan, can I keep your panties" I asked in a whisper. "Why, mere lal?" "I want to keep as a memory of our first love," I said mischievously. "OK Salim, you can keep that. But only if you hide it. If anybody found it will be trouble for me. You understand?" "Oh thanks Ammi, don't worry I'll hide it properly. And if somebody found that its problem for me, not you Ammi. I mean, you can tell them you don't know how it comes here".

Ammi then put her salawar on without panties. She put her bra and asked me to hook it at the back. Then she put her Kamiz on. I was sitting on the bed with my legs hanging out, watching her get dress. At that time for me she was so beautiful and sexy that I hugged her still sitting on the bed. I placed my head between her breast and wiggle it. I moved my hand on her ass weighting them. Ammi kept moving her fingers in my hair for a while and then bends down and kissed me last time whispering she has to go and slipped out of the room.

As She left my room, I closed my room light and fell on the bed then only I realised I was too tired. I was covered with a mixture of our fuck juices. I placed Ammi's panties on my pillow and pressed my face on it. The last thing I remember falling asleep was Ammi's panties pressed to my cheeks.

The next day morning Ammi did not look at me when the family members were around. I thought might be she doesn't want to show any suspicious thing to others. Finally everybody dispersed for the day. I was getting ready to go to school and Ammi stepped into my room.

"Salim" she said, "we need to talk." "Ammi, what's wrong." "Bete, we can't repeat what we did last night"

Before I could protest any further she motioned me to be quiet.

"Salim, last night was wonderful, I will always remember. But I have never been unfaithful to your Abba except for last night. This is never going to happen again."

"Ammijaan," I protested as I moved towards her and pulled her into my arms, "I love you and I know that you love me. Give our love a chance."

I tried to kiss her but she moved her face and pulled out of my embrace saying, "No mere Lal, No. We must stop here".

"Ammi," I said, as she was ready to leave my room "I will not stop loving you and will not stop pursuing you."

Ammi left my room with tears in her eyes.

Things changed after that. I tried everything to change her mind but she didn't. I would hug her or try to kiss her she would gently push me away. And even though I could see that Ammi was unhappy she never changed her decision. I thought seriously about getting her back. I decided to play old trick. JEALOUSY

I started to take interest in this girl, Nafisa who lived in our building 1st floor. She was friend of Sabanam aapa and used to come in our house everyday. She was older than me and was beautiful. She always giggles and talks constantly, Always wearing sexy dresses and make-up etc. although she was friend of Sabanam aapa she was deferent than her. Ammi actually never like this girl but never said anything to her or Sabanam aapa. I started to spend some time with Nafisa. We would go out some time or sit in my room, Talking and laughing. I noticed that Ammi's manner towards me changed after that. Whenever I was with Nafisa, Ammi would hang around us and when I looks at Ammi I could see anger and dislike in her eyes, more like someone who was jealous. I was happy that my trick was working.

"Salim" Ammi said when Nafisa left from our house one day, "I think you must stop spending time with Nafisa. She is not right girl for you."

I was stunned but relieved that finally she broke the barrier.

"But why Ammi? She is beautiful and so talkative girl," "No Salim, you didn't realised. She's trying to seduce you. I don't like the way she talked and giggles all the time with you." "Are you jealous with her, Ammi?" "No! I'm not jealous of that Chudail(bitch)", she snapped. "Oh! I think you are Ammi. Otherwise I never heard that 'Chudail' word from you before."

I said and walked out before she could reply. Secretly I was happy that she was jealous. It gave me hope that maybe she would reconsider our past relation. That hope came later. One day when we were alone, Ammi asked,

"Salim, would you take me out for a movie this weekend like our old days?"

I was pleasantly surprised but had some hint about that.

"Ammi, you really want to go with me?" I whispered. "Yes Salim, off course I want to!" "Like old days?" I asked mischievously. She blushed and replied shyly, "yes like old days." "Ok then! I would be please to make you happy like old days."

I was eagerly waiting for that weekend. After long time our weekend out together, Ammi had gone out of her way to dress in sexy yellow Sari. I could not believe that the sexy woman next to me was Mother. Purposely I selected the movie, which was romantic but running for long time so that there won't be much public in the Theatre. There were few people in the theatre most of them was couples and was sitting in the corner sits. Off course I also sat with Ammi one of the corner sit. Throughout the movie I was caressing Ammi's thighs or putting my hand around her shoulder touching her breast. I tried to pulled her face closer to kiss her but she whisper in my ear not to do any stupid thing, which might be noticeable by other public.

After the movie we went to nice restaurant to have dinner. After dinner we walked as usual along to sea face up to the other end. We sat one secluded spot. I pulled her into my arms and Ammi did not resist. We kiss for some time. My hands were roaming all over her body. I could see Ammi was visibly excited. After an hour or so we got back home. When we reached home everyone was asleep.

"Go to your room and wait for me." Ammi whispered.

I was undressed and got in bed when Ammi entered in my room. After locking the door she came to me. I got up and embraced her. Our lips met and passionate kissing continued. I swiftly undressed Ammi's Sari, blouse and petticoat. She was looking sexy in those black bra and black panties. Slowly seductively she removed her bra and panties and got naked. I moved her on bed and rolled on top of her. I kissed every inch of her body over and over again. I held on to her shapely ass as I ate her out. She climaxed instantly.

Ammi then pushed me on my back and began to kiss my body all over. Every time she would kiss me around my thighs she would pause for the moment as if thinking some thing but moved other part of my body. Seeing her uneasiness I asked her,

"Ammijaan, can you take my cock in your mouth?" "yah Alla! What?" "Oh come on, Ammijaan I know you want to suck your son's cock, don't you?"

Ammi's face was bright red. She smiled shyly and replied, "to tell you truth, Yes I was thinking to do that. Actually I thought about that when you went down on my pussy at very first time long back. I heard about oral sex from my Saheli but I never done those things before. You know? Your Abba never went down on my pussy nor I suck his cock. I always wonder what it would be like to take erect cock in mouth or somebody sucks pussy. But I never dare to ask you Abba about that. But when you suck my pussy for the first time I got mad. I had instant orgasm at that time. But I was too shy to take your cock in my mouth at that time."

"Never mind Ammijaan! You can take it now and fulfil your dream. I'm always ready to fulfil your all dreams and fantasy." "But I'm not sure I can do that properly. I mean! I heard there is some technique to do that." "That's ok Ammi, you can do that. Just do whatever you like to do in the heat of passion. I'll also guide yo." "You'll guide me?" Ammi looked surprised, "how do you know about oral sex? Where you learned all this?" "Actually Ammijaan, I used to read erotic stories book or nude photo magazines secretly." "What? Yah Alla, you're so nasty. Why you did that?" "Seeing sexy Ammi like you all the time around kept me horny. So I wanted to relieve my sexual desire and tension because before we weren't intimated sexually. Besides I wanted to improve my sex knowledge and skill. And you know very well how that my knowledge and kill worked on you!" I yanked my eyes as I finished to say that.

Ammi blushes bright red and said to me, "Listen Salim, I don't want my son to read those dirty magazine so please stop reading those things."

"I will Ammi, Definitely I'll," I said laughingly, "I don't need to read those magazine any more, Ammi. You know why? Because why I would read and look those thing if I get to see my sexy Ammi real and live." "yah Alla! You naughty boy!" she slap my on the cheeks lovingly.

I pulled her up and kissed her passionately. When I open her mouth with my tongue and started playing with her tongue she started telling me in between our deep kissing,

"You know Salim? I didn't even know before about kissing like this, I mean tongue to tongue kissing and sucking. All I knew from your Abba is lip to lips kissing. I don't even remember that when last time we kissed. First time when you probe my mouth with your tongue I thought it's dirty. But as you continue to suck my tongue I like it and when I put my passion in it. Yah Alla! I loved it. Now I'm addicted of your tongue that I want whole day to suck your tongue and saliva,"

While Ammi was telling me this all the time she was playing my tongue, sucking darting and digging. While kissing her I said,

"Ammi, I'm so glad that I taught you some many thing in the sex, something which gave much pleasure to you than me. I want you to fulfil my ultimate fantasy by sucking my cock. I'll guide you to give me more pleasure as well as to get you more pleasure. Now! Come on! Get down between my legs."

I adjusted myself on the bed with half lay position and spread my legs wide enough to give Ammi room to sit. In this position I could see her sucking my cock. She was between my legs on her knee bent down, kissing my thighs and belly. I run my fingers in her hair tenderly and started to guide her. I was hard like rock just thinking about this bow job.

"Ok Ammijaan, now hold my cock like this upward. That's it! Now... lower your lips on my cock head.. Yes... that's it! Ohh just kiss my red cock head for a while... Yes! Yes.... Ahhhh... now take you tongue out and lick that head... like that... yes! Like that... did you see that piss hole up there? Just probe that with your tongue tip. Yesss... Like that! Yah Allaaa! What a sensation!

I was fascinated by the sight front of me. Here my mother was between my legs and I was guiding her to suck my cock. She was licking my mushroom cock head occasionally darting her tongue tip in my piss slit. Suddenly drop of my pre-cum appeared from the piss hole. Ammi looked up in my eyes, dart her tongue out as far as she could and lick that pre-cum. She tested my pre-cum taking her tongue in mouth and yanks her eyes with approval.

Yah Alla! She liked taste of my pre-cum. I was sure she'd take whole my load down her throat. I continue to guide her for our first blow job
"Yes Ammi! Yesss... keep licking my cock head... now open your mouth and take just head in... That's it! Ohhhh... now Ammi, just suck my cock head with your mouth... Yahhh... tighten your lips ring below my cock head and suck it eagerly... Yessss! Yah Allaaa! Suck it more... more... Ahhhhh! Not so tight... little loose.. Yesss!

Ammi was sucking my cock head and was smiling. I wonder why she was laughing. She raised her mouth from my cock head and looked up in my eyes,

"You know Salim, this remind me something. When you were baby, you were sucking milk from my breast. When milk would finish from my breast Some times you get nasty and would play with my nipple and boobs. I mean, once milk stop coming out you would suck my nipples eagerly, so eagerly and forcefully that it hurts me so many times. I used to get excited with that and would lick my juice down there. You weren't able to talk at that time so I would slap you when you do that. But you always did that."

"What I mean to say is, you hurt me so many time sucking my breast vigorously. Now I got chance to take my revenge by sucking your cock head forcedly."

Saying that she laughed and started sucking my cock head eagerly. I gasped with her force.

"No Ammijaan! Don't get so rough. It'll hurt my cock."

Ammi laughed again and said, "I'm just teasing you, mere Lal! How can I hurt you Son? If I hurt your gorgeous cock how I would get it in my pussy then? Don't worry! I'll be gentle now."

Saying that Ammi started to suck my cock head gently.

"That's it, Ammijaan! You're doing right... Ohhhh... it feels sooo good.. Ammi. Now! Try to take my full cock deep in your mouth... yessss... go down.... Go down.... More... more... try to breathe from nose so you won't gag.... Yes! Go ahead... take it more...

I placed my hand back of Ammi's head and started to push her head down on my cock. Ammi's mouth was smaller than my not so big cock (only around 7 inches). I could feel my cock head touches back of her throat and still there will be 2 more inches to go.

"Breathe from your nose, Ammi! Now... push more down... just turn you head little upward... like that... that's it! Now.. Push down a bit... let the head of my cock slip in your throat... that's it! Now... little more.... Just a bit... Ahhh... Yessss.... Yah Allaaaa...Yah Alla... it feels so good

I can't believe this. Ammi took whole of my cock deep in her mouth. Her lips were wrap at the base of my public hair. She was breathing with her nose heavily, blowing hot air at my base.

"Oh Ammi... Ammijaan... I love you so much... you took my whole cock in your mouth. Now just bob your mouth on my cock as if I'm fucking your mouth... yesss... that's it! Yah Alla... it feels sooo good...

I was hard like iron. My mother was sucking my cock with all her energy. That was deferent feeling, deferent sensation. I never ever felt before. She was quick learner. Using all technique, which I just, taught her. She was sucking my cock head, occasionally licking head and piss hole, some times taking whole cock deep in her throat. I was so excited that I thought I'd blown my load right there. To avoid that I pulled her head from my cock and said,

"Now Ammijaan! Lick my cock whole length up and down all the side... yesss... like that.... Hold it with your lips horizontally..... ohhh yahhh.... Kiss me there... there... keep going down kissing... at the base... yes...there... yes... now kiss my those ball.... Careful... careful... it's sensitive... yesss... like that.... Try to take my balls in your mouth... yesss... Ahhhhh.... very good.... yah Allaaaa.... Take whole my balls in your mouth.... Oh yahhh.... Suck it gently... suck it...Ammi... Look up in my eyes Ammi!... you look beautiful with those balls in your mouth.. Yah Alla... I love it... I love you, Ammijaan.... I love everything...."

My mother was sucking my balls and looking up in my eyes. That was most erotic sight I ever had. She let go my balls from her mouth and started to suck my cock again with more eagerness. While moving her head up and down my cock some times she would sleep my cock head deep in her throat taking whole length in her mouth and brush her lips in my public hair vigorously. I know if Ammi keep doing that, very soon I would blast in her mouth.

Ammi held my cock in her mouth, breathing hard through her nose as she resisted taking it out. She was making a sucking motion with her mouth that no matter how much I tried not to, I was quickly approaching the point of no return.

"Ooh Ammi, that's it. I can't hold it any longer!"

That incensed Ammi even more. I could now feel the pressure of her mouth increasing which created a feeling I never could have imagined. My balls felt like they were exploding and I felt my dick extend even further. I moved to let Ammi know it was time to take her mouth off, but instead, she pressed down even harder. Ammi used her hands to push mine away, making it clear that she was going to take my first load of cum down her throat.

In an instant I exploded in my mother's mouth. The first shot was so intense Ammi must have felt it go straight down her throat. Each subsequent shot was as strong as the first and it felt like my dick was pumping like a fire hose.

Incredibly Ammi appeared to take it all down her throat. I was amazed. I didn't think anybody could swallow that much cum at once, and especially not my mother, knowing it's her first time. She didn't leave a drop. I felt unbelievable. She was rolling her tongue around her mouth and still swallowing what I had provided her.

"Mmmm, Ooh Salim, that was the best ever! Your Abba never gave me anything like that, but I have been dreaming of it for years. You don't know how special it is getting it from you, mere Lal!" "Wow!" I felt so drained I didn't think I could move. "I need more of that, Salim. I need more and more, forever and ever. Anytime you need your Ammi's mouth it is yours! In fact, I want you to do that to me every day, do you hear me?" "Yes, Ammi, I will. I promise I will Ammijaan."

Ammi hugged me tightly and started to cry. I was paralysed by her tears thinking she was feeling guilty or angry.

"Salim, you have to love me, you just have to!" "Of course I do Ammi. I love you more than ever!" I told her.

We cuddle there on bed for few minutes. She played with my cock while resting on my chest. When I got hard again, I climb on top of Ammi, she took hold of my cock, which was hard as a steel bar, and placed it against her pussy hole. I pressed and easily entered her very slick pussy. I held Ammi's ass and started fucking her. Ammi moaned with pleasure at every fuck stroke. We rolled around the bed, sometimes she was on top and at other times I was. We were at it for a long time and when I forcefully ejaculated into her, she came with an intensity I had never seen before.

"Salim, mere Sahajade," she said, "that was the best." "Oh Ammijaan, I'm glad you changed your mind". "Oh mere Lal, I missed you so much, and when you started going out with that Chudail." "You mean Nafisa," I interrupted with a laugh. "Yes, she was," she said with some impatience. "I realised I was jealous and that I loved you more than anything thing in the world." "As a lover, Ammijaan?" I asked mischievously. "Yes, I realised I loved you, not only as a mother but as a lover and that I could not bear to be apart from you." She whispered. "Do you love me more than Abba." I asked. "Oh Salim, I respect your Abba, but I don't love him anymore. At one time I thought I still love him, but after being with you I now know what love is."

"Ammi, I love you too. You have just made me the happiest man in the world. I don't want to share you with anyone, even Abba. You belong to me. Your body is mine. I want you naked in my arms all the time. I want to enter you all the time."

"Oh Mere Sahajade, I wish I could but that is impossible, but I love it. Mere Lal, this is going to be our secret. I also want to be in your arms naked all the times but we have to be careful. I don't want your Abba, bhai or aapa to find out. I know it would break their heart."

"Yes Ammi, I know," I replied.

We began to kiss; my hands fondled Ammi's breasts. I then proceeded to kiss her lovely long nipples, which were swollen with passion. She pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy on my cock. She pressed down until I was buried in her to the hilt. She lowered her mouth to mine while she proceeded to move up and down, slowly at first and then very rapidly. Suddenly her tongue began to frantically duel with mine. She then opened her mouth in a silent scream. I knew she had climaxed.

I rolled on top of Ammi and continued to fuck her with savage fuck strokes. Her body shook with each fuck stroke. She screamed and at the same time I buried my cock against her womb and proceeded to saturate her inner walls with my semen. After the wild ride we began to kiss tenderly while we were still joined at the crotch

When she reached my crotch she took my hard cock in her mouth. Ammi then gave me a blow job. When I came she swallowed all of my cum.

From that time on Ammi and I tried to spend every opportunity with each other. Whenever we were alone Ammis would be the one to first make sexual overtures. She was at her sexual peak and constantly horny- I know because when I would pull her panties off she would already sopping wet. I was proud when she told me shyly that she would get wet just thinking of me, and that nobody had excited her that way.

Some times we were so crazy for each other that we took risks. One time, Abba, Sabanam aapa and I were in the living room, watching television. Ammi was in the kitchen. Where I was sitting I could see her moving in the kitchen seductively, glancing at me occasionally. I got horny seeing her like that. After some time I went to the kitchen to drink the water. I noticed that Ammi had gone to her bedroom. I went in her room.

She was in the bathroom inside her bedroom. I closed the door behind and silently opened the bathroom door. Ammi had not locked it. She just finished peeing and was pulling her panties up. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw me. Before she could say anything I turned her around, bent her over the wash basin. I yanked my short down freeing my hard cock and entered her from behind.

"Yah Alla, Salim, someone may come up" she whispered.

But I ignored her. I fucked Ammi right there in the bathroom until she came and blew my load in her cunt. I then pulled her panties up and would not allow her to clean herself up. We did not get caught. But for the rest of the day I knew Ammi had sticky panties and it was my semen dripping out of her pussy.

I remember one night I woke up horny. I wanted Ammi in my bed badly. So silently I crept to my parents bedroom. They were both asleep. I knew that Abba was drunk and fast asleep. Ammi was in her night gown (recently I told her to wear night gown at night time instead of salawar/kamiz to make it easy to undress. She even stops wearing bra and panties inside the gown as nobody able to know about it except me). She was looking extremely sexy in that gown. I went up to her and shook her awake. When she woke up, I motioned her too keep quiet. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to see her in my room and I left. As I came in my room I got undress and about two minutes later she was in my room. I pushed her on my bed.

"Salim bete, I need to sleep and that was stupid of you to come to my bedroom at this time" she grumbled.

I cut of any further protest by kissing her. I pulled Ammi's gown up and began to eat her pussy. In no time I had Ammi wet and excited. I moved on top and entered her womanhood and proceeded to make love to her. Later that night, when she left my room, she was smiling with complete satisfaction.

For the next two years we were careful and fucked at every opportunity.


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