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Mum's Birthday
Aunt Patty kissed her younger sister goodbye and - at last - was gone.

Angelina Patterson took a deep breath and smiled at Tommy, her eighteen years old son.

"Well.." she said.. "I really love my sister, but sometimes I love her even more when she leaves.."

"You speak my mind!" Tommy sighed...

It was Mum's birthday, but because dad has died in a traffic accident three months ago it has been a rather silent and depressed party.

"Well, now let's turn to the peaceful part of the evening, what do you mean, watching TV, eating chips and today, to mark the occasion I'll allow you to drink a beer or maybe two.."

"How do you know that I like beer?" Tommy was surprised, His mum smiled at him

"Honey, I'm your mum. It's my job to know these things..."

Arm in arm they went to the living room. While Tommy turned on the TV preparing the chips and drinks, Angelina climbed the stairs to her bedroom to change her dress into something more comfortable. He took a deep gulp of the cold beer and watched the commercial spots when mum returned.

"Mum!" He gasped when he saw her gracefully stepping down the stairs, dressed in some kind of sports suit.... The thin, like wet glistening fabric enveloped her body like a second skin. He never had seen her in this thing before... Tommy was eighteen and of course he watched girls and even mature women in the street. But he never noticed his mum as a woman.... yet! She had big, perfectly shaped tits, long legs with firm thighs... she simply was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, her long blond hair falling down on her shoulders she smiled at him mysteriously while she walked into the middle of the living room, turning on the lights to let her blushing son see all of her even better.

Angelina obviously enjoyed the looks of her teenage son sliding all over her body... she could almost feel them caressing her vibrating tits, moving down touching her flat belly, sliding deeper to her smooth thighs, moving up again resting in her crotch where the slit between the fleshy lips of her pussy shined through the flimsy fabric of the suit.

"O, Lord, Mum you're sooo sexy!!" Tommy moaned when his mum turned around, showing him her back, stretching her firm bum in his direction moving it slowly up and down like a bitch in heat (what she actually was...)

"You are talented, honey..." She said with a deep warm voice... "That's exactly what a woman is longing to hear..."

Angelina walked to the cupboard, moving her ass in a way that made Tommy blush even more... She poured two glasses of Southern Comfort, handing her son one of them, sitting down beside him on the sofa. "Drink this, honey..." she ordered and Tommy obeyed. Not used to strong stuff like that he immediately began to cough while his mum poured down the entire glass in one gulp. When she felt the heat rising in her stomach she closed her eyes and sighed. Meanwhile Tommy stopped coughing staring at his mother like at a stranger.

"Honey...." Angelina began hesitating. "...I have a big favour to ask of you..."

"You want to have sex with me?" Tommy asked half anxious and half pleased.

"Would you like to?"

"Lord, Yes!!!" He shouted, reaching for her tempting breasts, but Angelina pushed his hands away...

"No... not yet, darling... First you have to do me a favour... If you don't want I will understand and ask you never again and maybe I will let you fuck me anyway but I want you to understand that this favour means very, very much to me. "

"C'mon mum, what is it?" Tommy said with an understanding voice. He never had seen his mom like this before... dressed like a super-bitch, but acting nervous and hesitating like the seventeen years old girl he dated a week before. "... do you want me to kill somebody?" he joked, "No prob'... I'll go and get dad's gun and will be back..."

Mentioning his dad brought up very painful memories to both mother and son. Close to crying they embraced. "Sorry, mum..." Angelina caressed his hair "No need for excuses honey..."

With tears in her eyes she looked at him starting to explain the favour she wanted so badly...

"Probably..., no of course you don't know, we always did this when we were alone at home... but your dad always gave me a birthday spanking..."

"Birthday spanking?" Tommy echoed uncomprehending...

"It's an old tradition of my family... My dad gave me my first birthday spanking when I was six...." she smiled, revelling in memories... "I remember it as if it was yesterday! He used a switch from the birch tree in our garden. He cut it especially for me and he spanked me with it until it was broken...."

Returning to reality Angelina looked at her astonished son... "So, every girl in our family gets a real good spanking on the evening of her birthday... I think Aunt Patty hoped to be the one to give it to me, now where dad's gone... she always enjoyed spanking me..."

"Your older sister spanked you?"

Angelina nodded with a smile "almost daily... But now back to the favour I ask you... Now where dad is gone you are the man in the house, so I want you to give me my birthday spanking today..."

Tommy was shocked... He gazed at his mother who was expectantly looking at him waiting for a reply....

"But I... I... I can't beat my own mother!" he shouted....

Silently smiling Angelina took Tommy's hand and put it between her thighs. Tommy gasped when he felt the hot fleshy cunt lips through the thin fabric. instinctively he began to rub his mothers slit. Within seconds he got a rock hard penis... Mom bent over and kissed him on his mouth. While touching his hard on through his jeans she whispered in his ear...

"You are horny, honey, aren't you?" Tommy moaned in approval. "You want to shove your big hard cock in my cunt, squirting your cum deep inside my belly, true?" Her son moaned again, suddenly Angelina pushed his hand away, looking him deep in the eyes

"If you don't mind fucking your mother, what the hell is wrong with giving me a good spanking if I ask you for it?"

Tommy was trapped... There was nothing to say against mum's logic...

"OK, mum, I'll do it"

"Thank you!" she kissed him fulfilled with excitement.... "I promise, when you spank me good you won't regret it.... So let's start right now..."

she pulled down the pants of her sports suite, exposing a bush of brown hair, but Tommy couldn't enjoy this view for long... because mum laid over his lap, presenting him her firm bottom. This view was breathtaking. At least half a minute he stared down to the perfectly shaped buttocks of his mum... He still couldn't believe that this was really happening ‚That must be a dream' he murmured

"No, honey, that's no, dream... touch it if you don't believe..." And he did... Like in some kind of trance he caressed and massaged these incredible sweet bowls of flesh, finally approaching the most private zone from behind... Angelina could feel the still growing erection of his son on her stomach, getting more and more aroused...

"Hands off my Pussy young man!" she suddenly shouted... "When we're finished you can touch and fuck me as long as you want... but now you've got a job to do..."

So Tommy started smacking the dancing buttocks with his right hand... "Honey..." Mum said "This is a spanking, not a massage!" Feeling a little bit angry about her condescending voice Tommy increased the force of his smacks. "Ouch!" Mum shouted.. "Yes, that's better, but you must hit me as hard as you can!" there was already a little shivering in mom's voice... "But mum, this will hurt like hell..."

"It's supposed to, it's a spanking ya know?"

"OK, mum, if you want it..."


With all power he had Tommy brought down his - soon aching - hand onto the bouncing and rapidly reddening bottom of his mum...

Occasionally she winced by an especially hard impact of his hand, but she took all the beating completely silent... Only her breath became faster and faster, causing her large firm tits pressing against Tommy's thighs with increasing frequency.... A really arousing feeling... Suddenly, Tommy stopped spanking. "Enough, mum?" he asked, a little breathless himself.

"Not at all!..." Angelina gasped, acting unimpressed, but there was a nearly inaudible tearful undertone in her voice that touched Tommy deep in his mind... awaking feelings he never knew before...

. After a little break to give mum a chance to catch her breath he continued even harder for at least two minutes he poured a rapid non stop cloudburst of really stinging swats onto the glowing cheeks. And these swats were really hard! He was playing Tennis four times the week... so his right arm was very strong!


Angelina still endured his son's hard spanking without a sound.

He spanked like a machine, but after these two minutes his hand was too sore to continue... Watching his efforts having resulted in a fiery crimson red and swollen behind of his mom he began to like it....

"Did that hurt, mum?" he asked...

Angelina still tried to look as if she wasn't very impressed by his spanking... But her blushed face and the painful expression on her face showed him very clearly that he did a good job

"Well, it stings a little..." Mum replied with a croaking voice, breathing heavily...

It really made Tommy a little bit angry, that his mum denied to admit that her ass was hurting, indirectly blaming him doing a bad job... He didn't realise that this was exactly what his mum intended... making him furious... and she succeeded.

"Does that mean, you want more?" He growled.

"It doesn't matter, what I want..." Mum replied, now with a little whimper in her voice while she was rubbing her swollen red behind. "It's the tradition that the man decides, when the birthday girl has enough... you understand?"

The strange feeling Tommy felt some minutes before suddenly overwhelmed him... His voice changed to icy coldness...

"You mean, I can spank you all night long if I want to?"

Angelina hesitated some seconds before she replied with clearly recognizable terror in her voice... " Yes... if you want to..."

Now the vicious new feeling took control of him totally... "I think, there's quite a long way to go until you've got enough, mum..." he said, giving her a surprising, very hard swat on her left buttock, causing her to shriek a very first time... "Would you please bring me the clothes brush from the coat rack mum?... my hand is nearly as sore as your butt and I would like to shorten this hole thing a little bit..."

Tommy could see his mum's face getting pale under the blushing, but she obeyed silently. She got up, walked to the hallway (while rubbing her sore buttocks) and quickly brought the twelve inch long wooden brush back. Giving her son the involuntary chance to enjoy the sight of her hairy crotch. Her hand was shivering heavily, when she handed the large wooden instrument to her son...

"Tommy..." she whispered now obviously scared... "You really want to use this... thing on me?" Looking in his eyes like silently pleading for mercy... But her son had pushed the border... He wanted to see his mum cry, wanted to hear her scream in pain...

"Bend over my lap again, mum..." He said without reacting to her question... Angelina obeyed.

Tommy didn't waste a second... As soon as his mom was in position the first widely swung swat with the brush exploded with a loud "WHAP!" on her bare bottom....

Angelina screamed like a wounded animal, struggling, fighting back the tears,

"Well, mum..." Tommy said, while enjoying the oval imprint of the brush rapidly turning from purple to deep blue... "You wanted a good spanking.. I promise, this will be a very good spanking... My very special birthday present to you!"


After taking fifty of the most terrible swats she ever experienced, Angelina's self control was blown away... She cried and screamed, tears rolled down her cheeks... This wooden instrument over and over exploding on various places of her bare bottom did hurt so incredible... she really couldn't stand it...

"T.. t.. Tommy!" she whispered through her moans, screams, and sobs... "Please, stop it... It's enough!"

But Tommy wasn't finished by far! making a mature woman like his own mum cry like a little baby gave him such a feeling of power... Feeling the heavy body of this ripe woman shivering in pain and fear on his lap... God! he couldn't stop now!....

"Sorry, mum!" he said, breathing heavily, but managing to give his voice a sympathetic sound... "I hate to do this.." ...he lied... "but I think you need another fifty to get what you wanted!"

"Please, Noooooooo!" she screamed, struggling, for the first time really trying to escape... but she had no chance...

Suddenly an explosion on her bottom..." WHAP! " wiped out all of her thoughts... Totally out of control she screamed, struggled, reared, writhing in pain... It took about a minute before Angelina finally was able to listen to her son's voice again...

"OK, mum, do you hear me?" She nodded, unable to speak at the moment, because her entire body still shook from the echo of pain...

"You've got the choice, mum"... Tommy continued... "Ten of these, or another fifty of what you already got."

It took some time, and Tommy was patient, while his mum realised, that he had used the brush merely moderate... up to now! The recent blast, still stinging like hell on her left buttock had been the first full-power swat with the brush.... A difficult decision... Angelina was quiet sure, she could take the fifty moderate swats... she would be crying like a little kid afterwards, but she knew she could take it. But.... Taking ten of these - never before experienced - heavy swats really was a challenge... Her butt was hurting too much to let her think clearly, so she made her decision rather instinctively... with a defiant expression in her voice she moaned:

"I'll take twenty of the recent one!" regretting it just the moment she completed the sentence. But there was no way to take the words back...

Tommy obviously was impressed, after a second he said "OK, mum, here it comes..."

" WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! ... WHAP! "

After these rapidly fired twenty atomic bombs on her bottom Angelina was nearly unconscious... She never before had experienced comparable pain. This did hurt even more than giving birth to her child... Her entire body was shaking and shivering, and she couldn't stop crying for at least ten minutes.

Suddenly disgusted by himself, Tommy dropped the brush, embracing his - still hardly crying - mum deeply...

"Forgive me" he whispered in her ear, caressing her ruffled, long blond hair, holding her precious shivering body tight. Angelina - still unable to talk - returned this gesture by snuggling up to Tommy's chest, wetting his shirt with her tears.

Feeling terribly guilty, Tommy held his mum in his arms... She was crying like a baby, pressing both hands on her bruised behind, her entire body trembling like an aspen leaf... He couldn't believe what he had done! "I'm so sorry, mum... it will be better soon, please, don't cry anymore..." Tommy was close to tears himself. It took the longest quarter of an hour for Tommy until his mum finally stopped crying, still lying in his arms, breathing heavily, but lovingly snuggling in his chest... He could feel the dampness of her tears oozing through his shirt down to his skin... making him feel even worse.

Don't worry, honey..." she whispered... Her voice was still quiet hoarse and trembling, but Tommy was really glad that she spoke to him. "I'm OK... Thank you so much for giving this spanking to me..." she got up, presenting her brown bush another split of a second to Tommy's hungry eyes before she pulled up her pants.

"Ouch!!!" She cried, while pulling up her pants, nearly beginning to cry again. "Oh Lord, that hurts!!" Tom felt guilty again, but also was surprised to hear a portion of amusement in his Mum's voice...

"I'm so sorry, mum..." he began again... "I hope, you can forgive me, I lost control, I.. I.."

Instead of a reply she embraced him, pressing her firm tits at his chest and kissing his lips, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. After finishing Tommy's longest and hottest kiss of his life so far she looked deep in his eyes.

"There's no need for excuses, honey, You gave me exactly what I was asking you for... and you did marvellous!"

"You mean, you liked it?" Tommy asked disbelieving, still a little breathless and deeply aroused from the kiss...

"I like it now. While you spanked me it was hell! But now... while standing here, my butt burning hot like fire, the pain slowly disappearing... it feels so, so... I can't describe it."

This evening, Mum went to bed very early, leaving her son with the promise that she would reward him very well for this fantastic spanking as soon as her bum didn't hurt so terrible anymore... Tommy poured a third beer and went to bed quiet dizzy... He couldn't get his mum's body out of his mind... Suddenly there were several doubts about making love to his mom... Incest! But... but this dreamlike body... This beautiful woman, untouched for at least three months, and really loving him... who could love him more than his own mother?

When Tommy woke up the next morning - very early, because he went to bed quiet early last evening - He made his decision. Better: He accepted his mum's decision... she had selected him, to take dad's place... and he would gladly do his new marital duties.

First of all he fixed up the kitchen, not very familiar with the household, but trying his best.

When mum came down the stairs at 8:00 o'clock - walking with a slight limp - the breakfast was ready.

"Hey, mum..." Tommy said. "Go back into the bed, I'm sure you won't be able to sit down, I'll bring you the breakfast!"

The entire following week Tommy nursed his mum back to health. Serving breakfast, dinner and lunch to her bed, helping her with eating - because it really isn't easy to eat, while lying on the stomach. He even carried the TV set upstairs to her bedroom, trying everything to make her comfortable until she was well again.

Angelina was deeply impressed by her son. Especially when she went down to the kitchen five days later for the first time. She had expected to find a chaos, but nothing like that! Everything was perfectly clean and tidy.

There were still some marks on her bottom shining in various colours, but it didn't hurt anymore.. she was fine again. Still looking around disbelieving, that her son was such a good house husband, Tommy rushed in, holding a large bouquet in his hands.
"Mum!" he shouted "You should be in your bed!"

"Don't be silly, Honey!" she replied "It was a spanking, no transplantation... For me? "

she asked pointing at the bunch of flowers in Tommy's hands.

"Yes, I thought you would like them".

"Red roses... " she looked at him in a roguish way "You know what it means when a man brings red roses to a woman?"

"Well..." he stammered, his face blushing a little bit "I think, I know..."

"Good!" Angelina answered, with a voice purring like a pussycat, suddenly embracing her totally surprised son, kissing him like he had never been kissed before.

Soon, mother and son were lying deeply embraced on the kitchen floor, kissing, touching, caressing each other...

"No! That's wrong!" Suddenly Tommy jumped up, walking some steps away, catching his breath. Angelina was terribly disappointed, it just had begun to feel so good!

"Honey!" she said, her voice trembling with arousal and disappointment, also a little breathless.

"What's the matter? Are you scared of all the shit the people say about that incest thing?"

"No, mum!" Tommy said, smiling, lovingly lifting her up from the floor, carrying his surprised mother on his strong arms out of the kitchen.

He placed her carefully on the sofa in the living room, kissing her again, then he said, looking deep in her eyes:

"You deserve better things than a dirty quicky on the kitchen's floor... I hope, you understand me.. you're my mum... and I love you so much.... Making love to you is totally different than fucking some of these cheerleader's chicks... I want it, but I want it to be perfect! You understand?"

Angelina couldn't help, hearing these words made her eyes filling with tears...

"You're such a good boy..." she sobbed, touching his cheek

"No need for tears, mum..." he said, obviously moved. "Just wait a bit, I'll fix us a nice dinner... Or try to sleep a bit, I want you to be fit tonight" The last words he said with a meaningful voice, making hot waves driving through Angelina's entire body.

It was a weird feeling - Angelina couldn't sleep, so she watched TV - to sit on the sofa, while her son was working in the kitchen.

Finally Tommy had created a perfectly romantic candle light dinner. Soft music, good food, Angelina's favourite meal and wine, she really enjoyed it!

While eating they talked about everything, laughing a lot... The wine made Angelina a little dizzy, Tommy's beer did the same to him... Finally the dinner was over.

"That was perfect, honey!" Angelina said, blowing out a candle. "Obviously you know how to get a woman in the right mood"

After putting on her very special record, Angelina began to dance, slowly, softly, moving her body really arousing.... In front of her son's widely opened eyes she performed a striptease, giving Tommy a rock hard cock before even exposing her firm tits to him.

Now she stood in front of Tommy, only wearing her pantyhose and bra. Angelina could feel her heart beating more and more quickly, while she was moving, posing, presenting the curves of her body to her gasping son...

Tommy came closer, she embraced him, kissed him deeply, while he - without any hesitation - put his hand on his mum's most private area... Angelina took a deep breath... it was so good to feel a man's hand in her crotch after all these lonely months...

For Tommy it was really arousing to feel the slit of her fleshy pussy lips through the thin fabric of the pantyhose... Not very experienced with this kind of foreplay, but with a good instinct and an inborn empathy for the reactions of a female body, Tommy quickly found the 'buttons' to push... Being rewarded for his good work by his mum pressing her precious tits at his chest, nestling against his body, purring like a pussycat....

"Oh, yes, honey, you do soo good... make your mum's pussy wet before you shove you large cock into it... ooohhh..."

Hearing her talk like that made Tommy extremely horny... Something had to happen immediately! Or his cock would explode in the next five minutes... Acting on impulse, he lifted her up, carrying her upstairs to the parent's bedroom...

Angelina obviously enjoyed the situation, being carried on her son's arms upstairs to the bed where she would let him fuck her... "Yes, honey.." she whispered "Make me you bride tonight..."

Arriving in the bedroom, Tommy placed his mum carefully on the wide marriage bed. Then he undressed himself, releasing his rock hard cock from the prison of his jeans...

Angelina let out a gasp of surprise when she saw her son's erection for the very first time... She never would have expected her eighteen years old boy to have such a huge, well shaped tool!

"Wow!" she only said... grasping the rock hard pole and putting it deep in her mouth, while Tommy continued fondling, massaging and kneading her pubic area...

Tommy gasped and moaned while his mum performed a terrific blow job, taking his member deep in her throat, sucking it, playing with her tongue.... Soon he could feel the climax building up...

"Mum!" he gasped.. "Mum, stop... I'll come.. I.. I.."

With several inches of a throbbing cock in her mouth Angelina of course couldn't answer, but she didn't stop sucking... She wanted to taste her little boy's cum... that was all she wanted in this moment and seconds later she got it...

With a loud howl Tommy shot load after load of his hot creamy juice into his mum's greedily swallowing throat... It was a huge amount, because he had cancelled all dates of the last week, to save his semen for this special evening.

Angelina was in heaven... Breathing heavily she could feel her mouth filling with sperm... Then she swallowed the first gulp, enjoying the feeling of the hot sticky stuff running down her throat... and still shot after shot filled her mouth again... A second gulp, then the well began to run dry... she sucked the last drop of semen out of the shrinking pole holding it in her mouth for a while then swallowing it like a delicacy....

Tommy was a little disappointed... He had intended to shoot this load deep into his mum's belly... But looking at mums slightly blushed face, glancing at him with a look of gratitude and horniness made it up again...

"Oh, thank you honey..." She whispered, while a little drop of sperm was running down the corner of her mouth...

Then Angelina slid out of the pantyhose and put off her bra. Finally naked she was lying on the bed, spreading her thighs widely, exposing her hairy pussy to her son...

"C'mon, honey.." she purred.. "My pussy is hot, it needs a little cooling..."

Tommy understood and moved closer, making himself comfortable between his mum's widely spread legs. Then he pulled apart the fleshy lips exposing a breathtaking pink, moistly glistening vulva... acting on the spur on the moment he pressed his mouth on this gem... Being rewarded with an enthusiastic shout for joy... With his tongue he began to explore the depth of his mum's sex...

"Oh yeah... Tommy!" Angelica moaned... "You little bastard really know how to treat a cunt right... Use your finger, honey.. or better two!"

Tommy obeyed gladly and gave his mum a combined finger fucking and pussy eating until she exploded in a terrific orgasm....

Tommy kept his finger deeply buried in his mum's cunt while she was wriggling and squeaking from joy, Being really surprised by the force of the vaginal muscles clenching around his finger, like milking it...

"Feel it.." Angelica whispered breathless after recovering from her climax, feeling her son's finger still deep inside her ".. Feel it honey, that's were you came from..."

With these words she opened her pussy with both hands, giving Tommy a rather gynaecologic insight... Tommy learned a lot about female anatomy this evening... But suddenly Angelina stopped the little biology lesson...

"It's time to fuck me, honey..." she whispered, her entire body shivering from desire, assuming her position, spreading her thighs widely, moving the hips forward a little bit...

And Tommy didn't hesitate... He climbed above the precious body of his mum, positioned his pole between the swollen fleshy lips and shoved it all the way in with one mighty thrust.

In contrast to all the girls he dated before, mum didn't need some time to adapt the size of his cock... He immediately could start fucking her as hard s he wanted... and he did! The wet hot embrace of his mum's cunt, receiving his cock really felt somehow like coming home... He buried his had in the valley between her huge firm tits, humping her like a crazy rabbit... Angelina screamed and squeaked from pure joy...

"Yesss...." she whispered between her screams... "Fuck me as hard as you can... Don't worry, my pussy can take a lot!"

It was Tommy's pleasure to obey his mum's demands... And she had lots of fun also...

After coming the first time in her mouth, Tommy had a phenomenal endurance... Twenty minutes of super hard fucking, his cock was sore, and Angelina's cunt also began to hurt, but there was no orgasm in sight... To bring this to an end - after coming four times she only wanted to feel her son's sperm squirt against her uterine orifice - Angelina started to use her secret weapon... Kneading and milking Tommy's throbbing cock deep inside her belly with her vaginal muscles it only took another minute and the eighteen years old boy shot his second load with a loud, triumphant howl deep into his mum's cunt...

While Tommy flooded all her insides with his hot sticky semen, Angelina exploded in a fifth orgasm which was better than every climax she ever had experienced...

Tommy collapsed, lying heavily breathing on his - also deeply aroused - mum until his shrinking penis slid out of her.

"That was great, honey.." she whispered in his ears, caressing his back. Tommy was too exhausted to reply this moment... "Get up, honey, I want to show you something..."

(To be continued...)

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