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Loves Older Women
I remember the year was 1969 the war was raging in Vietnam and in my small north east town there were many women living alone and some were even recent widows.

I was just out of school and had turned eighteen. My father was off in the Army but he was not over seas as he was not fit or healthy enough to fight but he was a good aircraft mechanic so became an instructor teaching young men how to repair aircraft. He was down south in Mississippi some place along the coast.

Mom got a check every month and we seemed to get by but I wanted a used car and there was not enough money for this so I went to work mowing lawns to earn the money for my car. We lived down the hill from the more expensive homes the ones that could afford to pay for a lawn boy.

So I went up the hill past Main Street then started going from door to door looking for work. It did not take long before I had seven people that wanted my services. Four were women with husbands in the service and two older ladies with elderly husbands and one recent widow. The widow was only forty five yeas old or so I heard from the gossip trail. One of the older ladies was a tall hawk nosed not too good looking lady that loved to talk about her neighbors. She would be my first customer.

I had it worked out so I would mow three lawns one week and four the next. I also said I would work cleaning out basements and garages as well as making minor repairs.

My first lawn was on Monday morning for Mrs. King. The hawk nosed lady that loved to talk about her neighbors. She was a wife of the town's oldest druggist. He was in his seventies had been an invalid for about two years. Mrs. King was sixty four and got around very well for an older lady. I think she worked out and stayed very active. I was about to fine out just how well this older lady did a lot of things.

I showed up about eight o'clock and there was dew on the grass so while I waited for the grass to dry up some I got the mower out of the garage and moved the lawn chairs out of the way. Mrs. King came out and asked if I had eaten breakfast yet.

I said "no; as my Mom was still in bed when I left."

She quickly asked if my Mom was sick. Or why else would a body be in bed this late. I knew right away I had said the wrong thing or had just said too much. It was more than this old busy buddy needed to know. But I told her Mom was not sick but had been up late writing to Dad. But that was a pretty lame excuse. But it would have to do for now.

She motioned me to come in and sat me at the kitchen table. Now I was just eighteen but I knew a little bit about sex and girls but nothing about older women. I sat there while Mrs. King cooked up some eggs and bacon along with toast. She had her back to me but I watched her move around as she chattered on about hard times and the war.

I watched her hips dance around under this thin cotton dress. I thought she might be naked under that dark blue dress with little white dots on it. When she turned to push the toast down I noticed her breast swinging making the material of her dress show the nipples very plainly.

It was funny at first me watching this tall old lady and feeling myself getting a hard-on because of it. I had never felt this way before and I did not know how to react. Sure I had gotten hard-ons before thousands of times when I watched young girls down at the swimming hole. But this was different I was thinking I wanted to see his old lady naked. I wanted to see her breasts and even her ass. My cock was getting so hard it was beginning to hurt. Wow; this was really something new and very strange.

She told me to go down the hall and wash up as breakfast was about ready. I found the bathroom and had to take a leak first. I stood there pissing and playing with the hardest hard-on I had ever had.

It felt good to slowly jerk off, but not really jerking off as I was not trying to cum. But I was stroking my young hard cock and thinking of that skinny old lady out in the kitchen. I was getting hot and thought I better stop before I do cum all over the bathroom. I turned to the sink to wash my hands when I saw I had not closed the door all the way. I also saw a bit of dark blue dress with white dots between the door casing and the hinged edge of the door. The old lady was watching me. I almost laughed out load but thought I may as well give her something to talk about with her lady friends.

I dropped my pants and went about fixing my hard-on in my underwear. I dropped my shorts to around my knees and started to play with myself again. I took my time and slowly worked the foreskin out over the head of my cock covering it and then pulling it back allowing the head to pop out again.

I said out load "Darn I wish Mrs. King could see me now."

I heard her gasp and suck in wind like a runner at the end of a race. I pulled up my shorts tucking my cock away and then my jeans. I opened the door and she was just turning the corner back into the kitchen. I am not a shay guy and I have never been one to hold back if I could have a little fun. But I was not prepared for what happened next.

Mrs. King sat a plate in front of me and then accidentally spilled a glass of mile in my lap. I jumped up knocking the kitchen chair back as the milk ran down the front of my jeans. Mrs. King grabbed a dish towel and bending down in front of me she started wiping the crotch of my jeans. First with the towel and then with both hands she felt, caressed and massaged my rock hard cock.

I watched in wide eye amazement as she deliberately open my zipper, undid my belt and pulled my jeans down around my ankles. She never looked up at me she just grabbed my hard-on and freed if from my shorts.

Holding my cock in both hands she said "My God Jake you're longer, stronger and bigger around than my husband."

Then without another word she sucked my cock into her mouth right down to the balls. This tall skinny older lady was giving me my first blow job.

I was startled and terribly excited but some how managed to hold myself from exploding in her mouth for about five minutes. She worked her mouth back and forth on my cock sucking nearly all of it back into her throat. She knew I was about to cum and when I started she held my cock with her mouth sucking every drop of cum from me. Not a single drop escaped from her tightly closed mouth. She sucked me dry.

I cum for a full minute and then it slowed to a dribble. Mrs. King let my cock skip from her mouth. I was not soft like after I jerk off. No: not at all I was still hard as a rock. She rocked back on her heels and looked up at me for the first time.

She asked "Jake have you ever had sex with a women? Have you ever put this wonderful cock into a girl? Have you ever made love?"

I could not speak but shook my head no. But this was a lie. I had pushed it in Mary Richards tight little hole once in Sunday school. We were alone in the back of the church after services and we got to fooling around and she asked me to shove it up inside her. She said she had seen her older sister get it that way and she thought it looked like fun. I got it about half way in when she said it hurt so I stopped. Mrs. King tugged at me and telling me to follow her to her bedroom. She did not sleep with her husband. I followed and she pulled her dress over her head as we entered the bedroom. I saw her ass and thought what a great ass. What a beautiful ass. What a marvelous ass for an old lady. I was fascinated by it. I guess I was an ass man after all.

Her ass was firm for an old lady. It was also plump so it pushed out to show its roundness. It was a fine ass if ever I saw one. True; I had not seen many but this one was a good looking ass. She told me to take off the rest of my clothing. I obeyed. We stood there looking at one another both naked as the day we were born.

She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me close. She told me to touch her breasts and feel her long stiff pointed nipples. She reached between us and again played with my cock. I had a tit in each hand. She closed her eyes as if remembering days long gone.

She pulled my hand down to between her legs and told me to rub the little soft fat spot at the top of her thick brown hair. I looked at the top of her head and there the hair was turning grey but the hair between her legs was still dark as ever. Rubbing her fatty spot just above her wet crack she gave out a low moan telling me she liked this.

She then laid back and spread her legs and told me to push two fingers into her wet crack. She said for me to take a good look and spread her pussy wide so I could see the opening where I was going to put my cock later. I think she was reliving a time long ago when maybe she had to instruct someone else in how to please her.

She instructed me to lick my tongue along the wet crack and then suck on the fatty spot at the top. Spreading her legs for me to get in close I quickly followed her guidance. This some how excited her highly and gave me a thrill as well. My cock grew harder with ever lick. I wiggled my fingers in her pussy the one I had just licked.

I said it tasted salty and she said if I licked long her long enough I would taste the sweetest liquid I ever tasted, even sweeter than homey. How true this was. It was not too long before I tasted a sweet juice flow from her and across my tongue. It was marvelous and I loved the sweetness. She cried out, shivered and grabbed my hair pulling my mouth tight to her sweet pussy.

She grabbed me with both hands and jerked me up over her until I was well up between her legs. She screamed at me to put my cock in her. I wiggled up closer as she reached down to guide my cock into the pussy I had been licking.

My cock passed easily into her. She moaned and shook under me. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt a strange sensation work up though my body. I pounded into this old lady and we some how grew to know one another very quickly. She called out my name over and over again.

When I felt like I was about to bust a ball when she cried out "Fuck me harder." So I did and instantly I felt my ass hole tighten up.

Than my cum came fling out of my cock like cannon shot. I was looking down into two eyes that were wide open as if in total surprise.

Caroline; Mrs. King would tell me later she had never felt a male sperm enter her like that before. Not even when she was a younger. I took that as a compliment.

I got my breakfast, she told me to go and come back another day as she had to collect her thoughts. But she did give me ten dollars as she pushed me out her back door. I was at the bottom of the steps when she called me back and held out a twenty dollar bill. I reached for it and she just smiled. That was my first tip ever for screwing an old lady. But it was not my last.

This all took place before nine AM on Monday. I had another yard scheduled at ten o'clock so I went home to put my thirty dollars away. I already had more than I had hoped for this first day. But the best part was I also got laid, a blow job and I knew there would be more of the same from dear Caroline.

I hid all but four dollars which I left out for Mom to find. She would think that is what I got for the first job. She had no way of knowing I had not done the job yet or how much I really got paid. I kissed Mom as I went out the door to my second appointment. Mom looked surprise as I hugged her and planted a kiss on her plump cheek. She knew I was feeling pretty good and I let her think it was because I earned a few dollars.

My second appointment was with a much younger lady, a war widow of about three years. My Mom knew this lady from church and had remarked she needed to move on with her life as she was such a fine young lady. About my Mom's age.

Besides Mom had known her husband and he was not much of a man or husband as she explained it. Mom regretted saying that about a dead man but truth was truth. Mom did say many good men die during war but Mr. Clouse had not been one of the good ones. He had been a heavy drinker and he ran around some too. Or so Mon had heard. This conversation had taken place as I showed Mom my list of people I was going to work for.

Mrs. Clouse's house and lawn was larger that the King place. I was lucky to have a riding mower to use. Karen as she wanted me to call her showed me the work shop out back. It was full of all kind of tools and the lawn equipment was in there too. On the way back I noticed a bit of window trim was loose on the little sun porch. I mentioned this and said I could fix that if she wanted me too. She stopped and looked at me as if she was looking at me for the first time.

"Jake you seem to know a lot for a young man. Where did you learn all this?" she ask.

I told her my Dad was pretty handy and I had worked with him many times as he repaired different things in many homes around town. I told her I was a pretty good plumber, carpenter and even a bit of electrician.

A light went on in her eye as she said "Really? Oh how nice. I have a light switch that works only some times and some times it sparks. Would you look at it before starting the lawn?"

I said "Sure."

And I followed Karen back into the house. I saw that this walking behind a lady was a good thing. It let me watch their hips move and I got a good view of their ass as it wiggled under their summer dressed. Some ladies were wearing shorts but the older ladies seemed to prefer a thin cotton dress. Also most of the dresses seemed to be pretty well worn and very thin. I guess this was for two reasons. One was that times were hard and also a thinner softer dress was cooler in summer heat. Karen was not as tall as Mrs. King but she had a wider ass and she was heavier through the hips.

I could not tell about her tits yet as she had on a bib top apron that pretty well hid her tits. But I was thinking they were larger and bigger around. Karen was also very pretty compared to Caroline. Then again she was also much younger. I was beginning to think that this town of mine really needed a young stud to give back to these needy ladies what they had lost.

She opened the door to her master bath and stood aside. It was not a tight squeeze to get past her but I made a particular effort to brush her beasts as I stepped into the darkened room. There was a small window letting in some light but that window also was shaded by a large tree. So the light was dimmed. I tried the switch and it sparked the light flickered then went out. I tried it again and nothing.

"Not a problem, I think it is just the switch and if you want I can run down to Runyon's hardware store and pick one up and be back is a few minutes." I said.

As I turned back to her we came up so close we were almost face to face. When I was trying the switch she had stepped in closer to watch and was now so close I was nearly touching her. I could smell her freshness and her hair. I was lavender I think.

I stood stark still and just looked into her dark eyes. She did not move as she seemed to be in some kind of shock. I think it might have been because we were so close. Maybe since she had become a widow being near a man well in my case a young boy may have caused her to remember times past.

She may have had thoughts or memories racing through her mind of days and loves gone by. I remembered my Mom talking about her dead husband as not being much of a man and possibly a wife cheater too.

So I placed my hands on her shoulders. By doing this I could either hug her, just move her out of my way or if she looked as if she might be interested I could even kiss her. I hoped she was in a state of hypertension also as my blood pressure was going through the roof as we stood there. I did not know what to do as I did not want to make a wrong move and I really could not read her as easily as I had Caroline. So I just looked into her eyes and held her by the shoulders.

I think what gave her away was the blink and flutter of her eyes. Plus she sucked her breath in fast little gulps and seemed to be confused. Maybe it was simply the touch of a male or the closeness but what ever it was I slowly pulled her to me. I do mean slowly. I was looking into her eyes all the time and gave her plenty of time to resist. She did not pull back or resist. It was a full minute and under these circumstances that is a life time. But I steadily pulled her closer and closer.

When our lips were about to touch she went totally slack and her legs buckled. I caught her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I laid her gently down and went to get a washcloth to put on the head.

I pressed the damp cloth to her forehead and at the same time pulled her hem up above her knees. Then I touched her inner thighs and parted her legs. She did not move. I stopped what I was doing and patted her face with the damp cloth. After a few seconds her eyes fluttered open. She stared at me. It was obvious that she had felt my touch between her thighs. I just stood there looking down at her. She did not move. I got the feeling she wanted me to make the first move. To show her the way it was going to be between us. Me; the much younger male leading the older needful female down the garden path.

I thought of touching her again and even applying a finger to her clitoris as I learned from Mrs. King. I thought of unzipping my fly and pulling my cock out for her to see. I thought of lying down beside her. But I just stood there looking at her. Then I leaned down and kissed her full on the mouth. She did not respond, yet did not push me away or show any sign of resisting my advances.

I pushed my tongue out and I felt her lips part welcoming me in. I let my tongue play around in her mouth. She let me do almost as I pleased. So I caressed a breast through the apron and her dress. She clasped a hand over mine but did not push it way from her breast.

I stood straight up looking down as if she were a child way below me. I and not that tall but she looked so far away. I did not know what to do next so I unbuckled my belt. She got a strange look on her face as if she were about to cry. So I stopped.

But then I smiled down at her and continued to unzip my fly. Her eyes widened. I did not stop nor did she make a sound. I let my jeans drop to the floor. My underwear were pushed way out and my hard-on was very prominent. She blinked and she let her mouth drop open. I did not get the feeling she wanted me to push it in her mouth but she was surprised.

Reaching down I pulled her hand up to my very erect cock. I moved my hand so my hand was between her thighs. I let her hand go and it stayed where I had put it. She tightened her grip on my cock as if testing its hardness.

I wiggled a finger around the edge of her panties. She was even wetter then my dear Mrs. King.

I thought "Gee's I am going to have sex twice in one day with two older ladies."

I found her clitoris and it was very pronounced. It was almost like a little cock it stuck out like a fucking prick. I pushed on it and she blinked and let out a moaning sound as if I had ripped it off. I knew she was not hurt so I wiggled my finger tip over it again. She bounced her hips up off the bed forcing my hand to hit her clitoris harder. She let out a scream this time. I was not prepared for the scream so I jerked my hand back.

She cried out "No, no put your hand back. Rub me. Please rub me harder."

I did and she went wild. She wiggled, bounced her ass up off the bed and babbled crazy things that I could not understand. Then she tightened her grip on my cock and cried out that she was coming. I grabbed the tiny cock between my fingers and jerked it as if I were jerking it off. I guess I was too. She screamed again and passed out.

She was out just like the light over the bed. Her hand fell from my throbbing cock. I did not know what to do so I left her there and ran to the hardware store to get a wall switch.
Where I returned she was all dressed and sitting on the front porch as if nothing had happened. I waved at her showing her I had the new switch. I found tools in the garage and with out asking I darted up the stairs to finish the job I started. She kept well back and said nothing as she watched me work. Once finished I showed her the light worked just fine now. I returned the tools to the garage.

When I returned the house she handed me a ten dollar bill and said "Here this should cover the cost of the switch and your labor. I think maybe you should come back another day to finish the lawn."

I took the money and walked home. A little unhappy about not getting laid but still it was a money maker day.

It was still hours before dinner so I went to my room to think of my work day. I thought this could be a darn good business if I could ever get around to cutting grass.

I was feeling my crotch and thinking of my day. It felt good to play with myself and soon I had my cock out jerking slowly thinking of my first blow job.

I never heard Mom come up stairs I was so engrossed in my thoughts. Until she opened my door and looked in I was totally unaware she was even in the house.

I must have seen the door move from the corner of my eye because I stopped jerking on my cock and just laid there holding it.

Mom came about one or two steps into the room when she froze in her tracts. It was an embarrassing moment for both of us. I let my hand slip from my cock. I was unaware also that my cock was throbbing and bouncing around.

We locked eyes and for a blink of an eye I thought I saw something in my Moms eyes that was much like that of the two women that I had been with this morning.

Mom turned back to the door, not too fast or jerky as one would think a startled person would do. But kind of slow as if thinking about what she had seen. I wondered for the first time if my Mom missed my Dad and if they or I should say she; my Mom was as highly sexed at Mrs. King or Mrs. Clouse.

When I came down for dinner we had few words. I felt strangely and so unsettled by what had happened I was at a lose for words. Yet when I did speak it some how excited me even to look at my Mom when asking her to pass the bread.

I took note that her hand was shaking slightly and as our eyes met she looked away not quickly but after a second or two.

After dinner I went out and walked around for a long time. It was getting dark as I turned back to go home. I was nearly up the hill close to Mrs. Clouse's house. I stopped to look up the drive way. There was a light on in the front room so I walked up and to the front door. I stopped there not knowing what to do or say even if she did open the door. I took a step to my left so I could see in the front window. She was not about. The room was empty. I moved off the porch and walked around the house to the back porch. I had no idea what the hell I was doing or why.

Peeking in like a snoop I saw her sitting at the kitchen table with a writing pad in front of her. She seemed engrossed in what ever she was writing so after taking a good look at this sexy older lady with whom I had a slight encounter I left and went home.

Walking did little for my aroused nature. I had a hard-on as I walked. It was like I wanted to start tomorrow tonight. I had a early appointment with a nice lady that was twice my mother's age and yet after today I looked forward to tomorrow.

I had never met Mrs. Stark before my door to door solicitation looking for work. I knew most every one in town. However she had moved in just a year ago and our paths had never crossed.

I thought about our few minutes we talked while I signed her up for a lawn cutting job. Mrs. Stark was five-five, blonde, pretty with a chubby body and a round face with a wide mouth. It was very easy to see that she was very busty and for some reason it came out that she was of Polish decent. I have known a lot of polish women and all were rather busty. Other than that I knew nothing about her. But if today was any thing to judge older women by she would be a great women to get to know.

The house was dark when I got home. But as I went up the stairs I saw a light coming from beneath my mother's door. Her TV was on and turned down real low.

I tip toed past and went to my room. It was still early for me to go to bed so I took a cold shower. This did little to cool my well fed passions.

I came out of my shower and sat o the bed. Still naked and with my ever hard cock I was still feeling the effects of the day. Falling back across the bed I thought of my first blow job and the wonderful time Mrs. King had done it for her self as well as for me. I thought about calling Caroline just to say how much I enjoyed the day. But then again I had no idea when older ladies went to bed.

I felt the pangs of hunger urging me to feed it. So I slipped on a pair of soft spot shorts and went down stairs. I fixed a sandwich and poured a glass of milk.

I got up to look out the back window still thinking of my day. Sandwich in hand I felt my cock grow hard again. Looking out the window I could see most of the back yard because of the street light in the alley behind the garage.

In my mind I was reliving fucking Caroline King. The old broad was one find fuck and I sure could use more of her.

My sandwich finished I reached down and took a grip on my erection. I knew I was going to jerk off before I went to sleep and it was going to be one hell of a masturbation session.

I closed my eyes and saw that wet pussy gleaming up at me. Something caused me to open my eyes.

I saw the reflection of my mother standing in the door way watching me play with myself. I turned cock in hand still stroking, urging it to fill length. Mom stood there looking at me and I just stood there feeling my cock throb out of control in my hand.

Mom lowered her head and started to sob softly.

I went to her and took her in my arms hugging her to me. She had on a robe and a night gown under it. The robe fell open and I felt my hard on press up between her legs. The thin gown gave way to my erection pressure, folding up into her wet crack. I felt the heat and wetness caress my cock head.

I dropped my hands to my mother plump ass and pulled her to me. I forced my cock up between her legs rubbing her wet pussy. I stared moving my hips back and forth sliding my cock along between her thighs. Mom stiffened and placed her hands on my chest as if to push me away. But she did not push; she just kind of bent her knees making my cock rub her harder.

I dug my finger into her ass pulling her gown up by the hand full. Once I had the gown above her rear I slipped my hands around front pulling it out of the way.

Then I felt the wetness hot and juicy on my cock. Her pussy was on fire. I reached down to lift her left leg. Holding her by the knee I bent my legs and then straighten up. My cock head went into my mother's pussy as easy as if it were made for it. Mom moaned and stiffened but at the same time she was wiggling her plump ass taking me deeper inside.

Turning her around I got her at little ass up on the edge of the table. She willingly spread her chubby thighs as I pushed my cock back into her.

I started to fuck her slowly ramming deeper with each stroke. Mom sighed and took deep breaths the heaving causing her breasts to wiggle from side of side. Mom is a little over weight but she had no problem taking my cock and giving me a great fuck.

I was not about to bust a nut too soon as I wanted this to last. It was Mom that went off first. She gasped and made strange sounds as her pussy tighten around my throbbing cock. I felt the heat around my cock and knew Mom was having a climax. I let go and it felt like never before. I felt every spurt fill her pussy and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as I jerked forcing the cum from my erection. I hugged her tighter not wanting my cock to fall out of her flaming pussy.

Mom sagged and moved back forcing my cock out of her. She pushed me aside and slipped off the table. Her gown fell back down and she staggered toward the doorway. I stood there and just watched as she went up the stairs.

It was a long time before I followed. The light in her bedroom was out as I past this time. We had not said a word. Not a word. I wondered if she would want to talk about this tomorrow.

I had cold cereal the next morning as Mom never came down before I left for my appointment with Mrs. Stark.

As before I came up on the back porch and knocked. Mrs. Stark was right there waiting. She opened the door and I smiled as she waved me in. She was on the wall phone with the phone crunched between her shoulder and ear. She waved me toward a coffee pot on the counter with a cup sitting near by. I poured a cup of coffee and took this opportunity to look over my new customer.

She had her hair pulled back with a bright silver cone and her blonde hair hung down to just below her shoulders. She was facing the other direction and the black pants were pulled tight around a well formed ass. Mrs. Stark was a plump little lady much like my mother.

The outfit she wore was one of those Chinese kimono things. It was basic black with a button down front with wooden pins pulled though loops. It was embroidered with brightly colored dragons and fish. The jacket was short and the pants were cut off just below the knees. The jacket was fitted around her very large breasts and I got the impression this jacket was a little small for this plump ripe lady. Like the others on my list she gave off vibes that sent shivers through my body ending with my cock swelling to full size.

I was getting hot just watching her fine round ass and my hard-on was getting ideas all its own. She hung up and turned around.

"Sorry about that. My sister is a real talker. Jake; you'll fine every thing you need in the shed out back. If there is anything else you require just come in and ask." She said.

My coffee was done and so I went out the back door with visions of her naked and me between her legs. Mrs. Stark was so much like my mother visions of my mother came back into my head. It was so real I could feel my cock going up my mothers' sweet tight pussy. I don't know what the fuck was wrong with me but the feeling of fucking Mom was so real I was about to cum in my jeans as I walked to the shed.

I opened the wide door blocking the view from the kitchen. There was no other house close enough to see me so I opened my fly and took my cock out. I jerked on it and thought of how it felt as I shot my Mom full of sperm. God all mighty was I horny. I closed my eyes and shot a load of liquid fire out of my cock that went three feet across the yard. My legs felt weak but I managed to stand and get my cock back in my jeans. This was just too fucking crazy.

I fumbled around and got her lawn mower out and closed the wooden door. Don't know why I looked up at the house but there Mrs. Stark was looking down from an upstairs window. It was high enough that she could have seen over the open shed door. I wondered how much she had seen and if she did what was she thinking. Maybe she thought I was excited by her. That might work out nicely.

It turned out to be a warm day and I was soon sweating my ass off. So I pulled off my T-shirt and continued mowing. I got the grass cut in back then I got out the weed eater and trimmed up everything. There was a small walk from the garage to the back porch so I dug out a narrow edge along it. She did not have an edger so I did this by hand.

I was about to go around front and do the smaller yard in front when Mrs. Stark called to me from the back porch.

I went up and she offered me a glass of cold lemonade. I stepped up on the porch and sipped the drink. She moved over and sat on a rocking chair. I took a seat on the old oak swing.

"You look very warm Jake. Would you like to take a time out and rest for a few minutes? The house is not air conditioned but it is cooler inside." She said.

I said "No, Mama its okay, I will get the front done and then I'll take a brake."

"Please call me Clara. I know young boys are supposed to call their elders by the sir names but I like Clara and it okay. Okay?" She said with a generous smile spreading across the chubby face.

She had a large mouth I thought. "Better for sucking a young hard cock maybe."

I smiled and repeated her name. Her smile got even bigger. Yes this sweet Polish lady had a very large mouth and I had to believe she had sucked a lot of cocks in her sixty plus years.

I finished the front with the same care and diligence as the rear as I did not want to loose a good customers like Clara Stark.

I got everything put away and again knocked on the back door. She answered but this time she was fully dress. I was some what disappointed. She said she had an appointment and had to get going. She handed me a small envelop and smiling closed the door. I was about half way down the block when I saw her race by in what looked to me like a new dark brown Jaguar sedan. I was impressed and thought now this lady knows how to live. Maybe I can own a Jaguar some day too.

This was my last lawn for this week so I headed home to shower and see what I could do for the rest of the day.

My buddy Denny was on vacation with his family so he and I going to the drug store was out. Jerry Brutts another buddy was also out of town. So I thought what the hell maybe I could call one of my next week appointments and see if I could do it today.

Mom was out again and so I ate a snack. I was still thinking of Mom and last night here in the kitchen when I heard a car pull in the drive. Mom don't drive so I wondered who it could be. Looking out the side window I saw Mom sitting in a long black Cadillac driven by Dad's best friend Tom Young. I started to call out and say "Hi" as I had not seen Mr. Young for a long time.

But then Mom leaned over close to him in the front seat and they kissed. It was not just a friendly kiss it was a real long lip lock and tongue exchange. They were locked together for some time. I was in total shock and then Mom pulled away. They looked at one another for a second when Mom smiled, Mr. Young said some thing. Mom smiled wider and lowered her head below the dash right into his lap. I saw the top of Mom's head bob up and down a few times. Mr. Young's face told me all I had to know. My Mom was giving him a fucking blow job. I felt a strange pang for a moment then thought I better get out of here.

Mom sat up and I knew she had not sucked him off but maybe this was just an "I'll see you later thing."

I rushed out the basement door which was on the other side of the house. I thought it best if I did not come home for awhile. I had to think. I was thinking maybe Mom was more into sex that had thought. So fucking me maybe had been just a fun thing or a fluke. I thought I needed to know and would make it a point to find out later tonight.

I sat in the drug store all by myself sipping a cold drink thinking of calling Mrs. Samuels which was my first appointment for next week. But then I decided to go home and see if Mom might be interested in a little replay of last night. That is if she had not been fucked silly already today.

By the time I got home it was nearly four o'clock and I found Mom laying on her bed sound asleep. She never sleeps during the day so I figured she must have been really tired. Or so fucked out she was ravaged. But then I smelled the booze. Shit; what the fuck was going on Mom never drank either. But there it was her clothing pilled at the end of the bed smelled like a saloon.

I needed to get to the root of this marked difference in her behavior so I thought "what the hell I'll just come right out and ask her."

I went to my room and took a shower. I slipped on the same soft sport shorts from last night and walked back to Moms' room. She was just beginning to come awake.

I went in with out knocking and sat in a chair next to her dressing table. Mom sat up. She only had on her bra and panties. Her little roll of fat around her belly hung over the top of her cotton panties. Her heavy breast sagged in her bra. But still she looked kind of sexy for a chubby Mom. She looked at me and did not seem embarrassed by her near nakedness.

I just looked at her. Needless to say my cock was growing and the soft cotton material gave way to the pressure from within. I know I am not a super stud but I think from what had happened the last few days that I do alright. So when my cock pointed straight up and it was very visible to Mom I did not try to hide it.

Mom said "Jake; you're old enough now for me to talk to you like a full grown adult. It's about time you learned a few thing about you're Mom and Dad. After last night you know I am not apposed to enjoying sex with you. I know its wrong by most standards but when I tell you about your Dad and me and our life style maybe you'll understand."

I started to smile as I knew already what she was going to say. I don't know why I knew or how but I knew just the same. My parents were swingers and had been for a long time. It was a popular thing in those days. My parents had been right in there doing it and from what I saw enjoying it too.

Fifteen minutes later Mom had told me what I already knew and I had started to tell her of my lawn mowing adventures. During our confessions and truth telling I had move to the bed.

I stood facing my Mom and pulled down my shorts. She looked up smiled and devoured my cock. I think this was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Even years later on watching my mother take my cock into her mouth that very first time when I was just a young man was with out a doubt the sexist moment of my life.

I fucked my Mom that day twice and later that night I fucked her again. She called Dad down in Mississippi and talked for a long time. I know she told him what had happened and that I was now a fully integrated part of the swinging social scene here in our small town.

Mom and I started fucking every day and sleeping together. After a few more encounters with Mrs. King and Mrs. Clouse who I did fuck the next time I mowed her lawn. Mom went by to see each lady and after a talk they also became part of the family plan. Mrs. Clouse would only swing me and Mom. It was a new adventure for me to see two grown women licking each others' pussy after I had filled them both with cum.

It took a long month and some help from Mrs. King but finely I got into Mrs. Stark pussy and as I suspected she was one of the finest cocksucker I ever knew. She was also into anal sex. She loved me to fuck her in the ass and do it in front of the mirror so she could watch. Well that is how it all started with me an eighteen year old boy and older women.

I am now fifty four years old and to my dismay most of the older lady have passed on. However I have found many new ones to replace those that went to glory smiling. Mom and Dad are gone now too. Dad in an accident, he never came home alive from Mississippi. Mom from an illness.

But if I think about it long enough I may enlist the help of my friend here and write of my married days and how my wife and I go into swinging..

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